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Aries Full Moon October 9th

October 9th there will be a Full Moon in Aries. Aries is literally number one. As the first sign of the Zodiac this sign asks us to go after what we want and be a little selfish in what we deserve. Aries is a fire sign, so they are passionate and full of personality. The Moon is not extremely comfortable in this feisty sign and this can lead to outbursts. When someone has this placement in their natal chart, they bring some spice! Emotions, which are ruled by the Moon get a swift kick into gear here. Aries Moon's often have twists and turns during their day to day that lead those around them to have no choice but to take the back seat and enjoy the ride. The ride often is as if on a roller coaster with this wild placement. This fire energy is best put to work climbing the corporate ladder, exercising, or playing sports.

Aries is ruled by the red planet, Mars. All the above makes sense considering this is the planet of war! Aries has a desire to be first. If they are not, they can have a temper tantrum the size of a two year old's. They need respect. They need to be seen as successful. They often know who they are and are unashamed to show their own unique flavor to the world. Fiercely independent and self-sufficient, Aries can take care of their own needs. This can be a downfall for this sign and with this Moon placement, pushing others away can be a struggle.

This Full Moon in Aries opposite the planet of love, Venus asks us to look at how we give and receive love. Aries sits opposite Libra naturally, thus the push and pull on this axis is that of self vs others. I believe this is especially in relation to love and self-love. This Full Moon asks us do we love ourselves enough to receive love from others? Taking some time to see what you bring to relationships that makes you unique and celebrating that is important for us all now. For some of us now is a time to see what we need and be selfish about asking for it. For others it is a time to ask if we are giving enough to our lovers to keep them happy?

The good of this Aries Full Moon: We may be more competitive than usual, good time for business ventures, passionate emotions, seeing the good in our selves, the urge to go outside and explore, the energy to be active.

The bad of this Aries Full Moon: Being argumentative, wanting to be left alone, wildly fluctuating moods, being overly competitive.

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