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Cancer Season is Strutting its Stuff!

Cancer Season is Coming!

The time to cuddle up with your loved ones on the couch with your cats and dogs has arrived, though the summer weather may have you desiring something more! Cancer is a sweet water sign that reminds us to nurture ourselves as much as we nurture others. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer’s moods can shift with the wind. They are intuitive, compassionate, and mothering. They can at times be smothering and though this is how they show they care. Though others can have a hard time understanding their depth. Don’t lie to a Cancer, they will see right through you. If you are lucky enough to have a Cancer in your life, do not take them for granted or they will be shell on and be gone with the tide.

Venus enters emotional Cancer 6/17. This Venus sign is sentimental, and shows love with romantic gestures. This is a very feminine placement that can easily woo the one they want. They can come off to their lovers as sensual, sweet, and caring. They know how their lover feels with a glance and can transform to meet their needs in an instant. They can be moody. They can be overbearing with their love for some and are not for anyone who doesn’t take love seriously. They are devoted and loyal. When Venus is in Cancer it is a good time for us all to look at how we nurture ourselves and those we love. It is a good time to remind ourselves that we need some self-love to be ready to open up to the love we receive from others.

Mercury also enters Cancer on 6/17 bringing an intuitive and sentimental flavor to the words we all say. Those with Mercury in Cancer learn best through the emotional experiences they have. They may not remember all the details of a situation, but will remember how it made them feel. They are very much able to read a room and do what is needed to keep those around them happy. What is said by Mercury in Cancer is heartfelt and can at times be a tad dramatic. In fact, at times those with a lot of Cancer in their chart can come off as dramatic as Leo’s! They feel so deeply that it comes out in every expression they make. Especially for those with Mercury in Cancer. Don’t pull any fast ones with this Mercury sign as they will see right through you. They may not always say how they feel or what they think due to being a tad shy, but when they do communicate with you, you will feel their depth of emotion flowing.  

The Sun follows Venus and Mercury into the sign of the crab on 6/20/24 and we have a Stellium in Cancer! Get the Kleenex! We will all feel a little emotional. Cancer season reminds us to check our emotions. There is a side to Cancer though, very much like the crab they are represented by, defensive and tough! They aren’t always crying saps. They can be very much defensive survivors who have been through it all. They can also be the life of the party with a great sense of humor and a table to dance on. Get to know a Cancer. They may just surprise you!

Some issues to work on during Cancer SZN: Are you feeling something that has been unaddressed? What are you repressing? Have you not taken the time to even check in with how you are feeling? Now is the time to do it! This is also a good time to be around those who make you feel most comfortable. Take a moment and call your mother or check in with those you love most.

Cancers are most compatible with those with Earth and Water sign placements. Pisces and Cancer make a dreamy match. Taurus and Cancer are home bodies and can enjoy hours lounging and cuddling together. Virgo and Cancer can be very successful. Aries and Aquarius can make for wonderful friends with Cancer as they can help them see life from a whole different view.

Happy Birthday Cancer!

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