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June 2024 Astrology Report

Summer is about here! The sun is shining and the energy has shifted. June will be full of shifts to some more gentle energy. There is little fire in the skies and this can drain our energy and make us more apt to seek comfort.

June 3rd Mercury moves into Gemini, it’s sign of ownership. We all may feel the Gemini energy prominently now with 5 planets in this fun sign. The vibe is social. It is an easy time to meet new friends and get together with old ones. Learning comes easily with this placement and those who have it are curious to a fault with a finger in every pie.

The New Moon in Gemini on June 6th will only enhance the interest in learning and getting the ball moving. This New Moon can be a time of urgent and rapid change. The urge will be strong but will be counteracted upon by a square to Saturn. Saturn may cause road blocks to success and to seeing progress. It will be a time to lean on patience when there seems to be none around. There can be some anxiety at this time. There can be an urge to do something but some confusion on what. This can have some Mercury Retrograde vibes. Have patience and wait to get things off the ground.

June 9th Mars Enters Taurus. Taurus is a slow-moving earth sign. Don’t try to force them to move. They will do it on their Taurus. Taurus can be frustratingly slow compared to faster moving Aries and Gemini that surround this sign. Taurus is stubborn, but also dependable. If you need something done you can depend on a Taurus. It just may take a while! Mars the planet of our drives, ambition, and physical energy in this steadfast and not fast at all sign, can slow down all of us. We may all feel the drag. It is a good time to make plans and use your energy wisely. Those who have this placement are dependable and able to accomplish what seems impossible. When others have given up, Taurus Mars is still in the fight. They have endurance to outlast even the strongest competitors. This is also a creative placement so getting creative now, trying out new comfort food recipes, and doing some gardening or home decorating is a good choice.

As Venus moves into Cancer June 17th, the love planets are in deep harmony. Mars in Taurus and Cancer Venus play well together. They are both more apt to stay home than go out, to cook for others than order in. They are home bodies. We may all feel this energy in the urge to surround ourselves with those we trust and love most now. In Cancer, Venus’ love is expressed with acts of kindness, nurturing, and smothering mothering. Those who have Venus in Cancer have a sensual beauty to them. They are feminine and express that energy with flowing, lovely ease. This is a creative and emotional placement. This is a good time to embrace your feminine emotional energy. Do the things that make you feel beautiful, because damn it you deserve it!

Quick moving Mercury joins the Cancer party also on July 17th making our thoughts emotional things! There can be nostalgia that needs explored with this placement. Those who have it are human lie detectors and intuitively understand the needs of others. They express themselves with emotions and can be a tad dramatic. Take a page from Mercury in Cancer’s book and tune into the needs of those who surround you now to give them what they need.

The Sun saunters into the Cancer party on June 20th, making a stellium in this sensitive sign. Happy birthday Cancer! The feels are feeling and its time to address your relationship with your emotions, your family, and your intuition. Cancer is intuitive, kind, emotional, and moody. They are know to cry easily and show how they feel openly. Some Cancer's though, are like their crab and have a shell with claws! They need to trust you to truly open up and need security like they need air.

Cancer is a water sign that gets along best with other water signs and earth signs. They are most compatible with Taurus due to their similar comfort seeking behaviors, love of home and security. They can blend well with Pisces also as both have vivid imaginations and an appreciation of romantic gestures. Cancer can be friends with but may not find love with Aquarius. This intellectual sign will not quite grasp the depth of Cancer's emotions of have patience for their changing moods.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st can ground us a bit. This can be a good time to seriously consider your emotions and inner world. Taking a look at your work life and if you are spending too much time at work and not enough with your family can be beneficial now. This can also be a Full Moon to consider if you are emotionally satisfied with your career and if you need to let it go and move on. The Full Moon squares Neptune though, so this can be a time of blurred clarity. Tapping into your subconscious is a good idea, but can be difficult now. Truly trying to understand how you feel can cause only more frustration. Meditating and journaling out your feelings can be helpful.

June 29th Saturn goes Retrograde in Pisces. This can stir some deep emotions and we may all feel a little unstable, out of control. Feelings are not rational and this backwards movement in the emotional sign Pisces, can make us struggle to gain control. This retrograde can provide a time to explore spirituality without outside forces changing your mind now. Our inner worlds can get shook. Collectively the control outside forces have on us can shake, try to solidify, only to crumble now. The cracks in the framework can be seen and Pisces watery energy can help heal what has been broken. When Saturn moves direct November 15th our definition of what controls us, authority that holds us back, can be completely redefined. Perfect timing for the US election.

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