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Cancer Season is Coming!

The time to cuddle up with your loved ones on the couch with your cats and dogs has arrived, though the summer weather may have you desiring something more! Cancer is a sweet water sign that reminds us to nurture ourselves as much as we nurture others. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer’s moods can shift with the wind. They are intuitive, compassionate, and mothering. They can at times be smothering and though this is how they show they care. Though others can have a hard time understanding their depth. Don’t lie to a Cancer, they will see right through you. If you are lucky enough to have a Cancer in your life, do not take them for granted or they will be shell on and be gone with the tide.

Venus enters emotional Cancer 6/17. This Venus sign is sentimental, and shows love with romantic gestures. This is a very feminine placement that can easily woo the one they want. They can come off to their lovers as sensual, sweet, and caring. They know how their lover feels with a glance and can transform to meet their needs in an instant. They can be moody. They can be overbearing with their love for some and are not for anyone who doesn’t take love seriously. They are devoted and loyal. When Venus is in Cancer it is a good time for us all to look at how we nurture ourselves and those we love. It is a good time to remind ourselves that we need some self-love to be ready to open up to the love we receive from others.

Mercury also enters Cancer on 6/17 bringing an intuitive and sentimental flavor to the words we all say. Those with Mercury in Cancer learn best through the emotional experiences they have. They may not remember all the details of a situation, but will remember how it made them feel. They are very much able to read a room and do what is needed to keep those around them happy. What is said by Mercury in Cancer is heartfelt and can at times be a tad dramatic. In fact, at times those with a lot of Cancer in their chart can come off as dramatic as Leo’s! They feel so deeply that it comes out in every expression they make. Especially for those with Mercury in Cancer. Don’t pull any fast ones with this Mercury sign as they will see right through you. They may not always say how they feel or what they think due to being a tad shy, but when they do communicate with you, you will feel their depth of emotion flowing.  

The Sun follows Venus and Mercury into the sign of the crab on 6/20/24 and we have a Stellium in Cancer! Get the Kleenex! We will all feel a little emotional. Cancer season reminds us to check our emotions. There is a side to Cancer though, very much like the crab they are represented by, defensive and tough! They aren’t always crying saps. They can be very much defensive survivors who have been through it all. They can also be the life of the party with a great sense of humor and a table to dance on. Get to know a Cancer. They may just surprise you!

Some issues to work on during Cancer SZN: Are you feeling something that has been unaddressed? What are you repressing? Have you not taken the time to even check in with how you are feeling? Now is the time to do it! This is also a good time to be around those who make you feel most comfortable. Take a moment and call your mother or check in with those you love most.

Cancers are most compatible with those with Earth and Water sign placements. Pisces and Cancer make a dreamy match. Taurus and Cancer are home bodies and can enjoy hours lounging and cuddling together. Virgo and Cancer can be very successful. Aries and Aquarius can make for wonderful friends with Cancer as they can help them see life from a whole different view.

Happy Birthday Cancer!

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Summer is about here! The sun is shining and the energy has shifted. June will be full of shifts to some more gentle energy. There is little fire in the skies and this can drain our energy and make us more apt to seek comfort.

June 3rd Mercury moves into Gemini, it’s sign of ownership. We all may feel the Gemini energy prominently now with 5 planets in this fun sign. The vibe is social. It is an easy time to meet new friends and get together with old ones. Learning comes easily with this placement and those who have it are curious to a fault with a finger in every pie.

The New Moon in Gemini on June 6th will only enhance the interest in learning and getting the ball moving. This New Moon can be a time of urgent and rapid change. The urge will be strong but will be counteracted upon by a square to Saturn. Saturn may cause road blocks to success and to seeing progress. It will be a time to lean on patience when there seems to be none around. There can be some anxiety at this time. There can be an urge to do something but some confusion on what. This can have some Mercury Retrograde vibes. Have patience and wait to get things off the ground.

June 9th Mars Enters Taurus. Taurus is a slow-moving earth sign. Don’t try to force them to move. They will do it on their Taurus. Taurus can be frustratingly slow compared to faster moving Aries and Gemini that surround this sign. Taurus is stubborn, but also dependable. If you need something done you can depend on a Taurus. It just may take a while! Mars the planet of our drives, ambition, and physical energy in this steadfast and not fast at all sign, can slow down all of us. We may all feel the drag. It is a good time to make plans and use your energy wisely. Those who have this placement are dependable and able to accomplish what seems impossible. When others have given up, Taurus Mars is still in the fight. They have endurance to outlast even the strongest competitors. This is also a creative placement so getting creative now, trying out new comfort food recipes, and doing some gardening or home decorating is a good choice.

As Venus moves into Cancer June 17th, the love planets are in deep harmony. Mars in Taurus and Cancer Venus play well together. They are both more apt to stay home than go out, to cook for others than order in. They are home bodies. We may all feel this energy in the urge to surround ourselves with those we trust and love most now. In Cancer, Venus’ love is expressed with acts of kindness, nurturing, and smothering mothering. Those who have Venus in Cancer have a sensual beauty to them. They are feminine and express that energy with flowing, lovely ease. This is a creative and emotional placement. This is a good time to embrace your feminine emotional energy. Do the things that make you feel beautiful, because damn it you deserve it!

Quick moving Mercury joins the Cancer party also on July 17th making our thoughts emotional things! There can be nostalgia that needs explored with this placement. Those who have it are human lie detectors and intuitively understand the needs of others. They express themselves with emotions and can be a tad dramatic. Take a page from Mercury in Cancer’s book and tune into the needs of those who surround you now to give them what they need.

The Sun saunters into the Cancer party on June 20th, making a stellium in this sensitive sign. Happy birthday Cancer! The feels are feeling and its time to address your relationship with your emotions, your family, and your intuition. Cancer is intuitive, kind, emotional, and moody. They are know to cry easily and show how they feel openly. Some Cancer's though, are like their crab and have a shell with claws! They need to trust you to truly open up and need security like they need air.

Cancer is a water sign that gets along best with other water signs and earth signs. They are most compatible with Taurus due to their similar comfort seeking behaviors, love of home and security. They can blend well with Pisces also as both have vivid imaginations and an appreciation of romantic gestures. Cancer can be friends with but may not find love with Aquarius. This intellectual sign will not quite grasp the depth of Cancer's emotions of have patience for their changing moods.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21st can ground us a bit. This can be a good time to seriously consider your emotions and inner world. Taking a look at your work life and if you are spending too much time at work and not enough with your family can be beneficial now. This can also be a Full Moon to consider if you are emotionally satisfied with your career and if you need to let it go and move on. The Full Moon squares Neptune though, so this can be a time of blurred clarity. Tapping into your subconscious is a good idea, but can be difficult now. Truly trying to understand how you feel can cause only more frustration. Meditating and journaling out your feelings can be helpful.

June 29th Saturn goes Retrograde in Pisces. This can stir some deep emotions and we may all feel a little unstable, out of control. Feelings are not rational and this backwards movement in the emotional sign Pisces, can make us struggle to gain control. This retrograde can provide a time to explore spirituality without outside forces changing your mind now. Our inner worlds can get shook. Collectively the control outside forces have on us can shake, try to solidify, only to crumble now. The cracks in the framework can be seen and Pisces watery energy can help heal what has been broken. When Saturn moves direct November 15th our definition of what controls us, authority that holds us back, can be completely redefined. Perfect timing for the US election.

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First of all, how is it the end of May? Anyways, the end of ay has quite a few Astrological shake up’s and I felt it necessary to blog about it. The Sun moves into Gemini 5/20/24 so Happy Birthday Gemini. Gemini is ne of my favorite signs. I have my moon in this sign and find this Air sign to be remarkably refreshing. Taurus season is grounded, easy going, and stable. Gemini season is full of twists and turns! This Air sign is ruled by Mercury. They are inquisitive, intelligent, and scattered. They are chatty, and as the sign of communication I think this is only to be expected. This is a Mutable sign meaning Gemini loves change. They are versatile and able to go with the flow. Their downfalls come with lack of ability to commit, issues with inconsistency, and a lacking ability to listen as well as they speak.

Gemini gets along best with other Air signs Libra and Aquarius. These signs match Gemini with intellectual focus and versatility. Gemini also plays well with the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs work well with Gemini and their passion is fueled by Geminis curiosity. Though the Water signs can be a good case study for Gemini, Gemini will lack the patience to deal with their changing emotions for long. The Earth signs can help Gemini slow down a bit, but over time Gemini will get bored with them. Gemini Season is a good time to explore new interests, play with friends and focus on how you communicate with others. 

There will be a Full Moon in Fire sign Sagittarius on 5/23/24 at 2 degrees. This will be a fun and social Full Moon. Sagittarius is one of the most social signs after all. It is a good time to explore! Explore your emotions, explore your passions, and explore outdoors! This Full Moon does oppose the Sun at 2 degrees Gemini and Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 29 degrees. This will highlight our love lives, our appearance, and our social lives. An opposition is not comfortable, so it may be time to think deeply about these areas of your life. A friendship or love relationship could need attention or come to an end. This is a good time for learning and taking on new classes as Sagittarius is the teaching sign and Jupiter rules this sign. The opposition to Jupiter can cause some tension and issues in understanding what you are interested in learning or cause some delays in your learning. This Full Moon makes a nice Sextile to Pluto so this can bring some clarity and ease when digging in to what you want to learn.

Let’s talk a little about Venus conjunct Jupiter on it’s own. This is a powerful conjunction in the sign of Taurus. Taurus rules our security, money, and is a super stable Earth sign. Venus rules love and our social lives. Jupiter rules over learning, spiritual exploration, and is also associated with money. I wonder if on this day we can see the economy take a turn for the positive. We are far overdue so man, I hope so! We already have reports of the DOW Jones reaching over 40,000 for the first time. Very coincidental if you ask me! Jupiter expands what it touches and, in this case, it can be related to money. I can see this being a positive day financially. We collectively can see the desire to explore, and understand our hearts desires a bit deeper at this time. Social interactions and new relationships formed now can be very influential and positive. Go ahead, say hi to that person standing next to you. It could make for a long-lasting friendship!

Venus then saunters into Gemini later in the day on 5/23/24 and lightens up a bit! Venus in Taurus is a wonderful placement for commitment, deep connection, and sensual love. Gemini Venus is much more intellectually driven. If they don’t feel the mental spark they are out! Commitment is not their thing and they can flirt with and date many people at once. Variety is the spice of live for Gemini Venus. Very different from security driven Taurus. Check where Gemini is in your chart. This area will get a bit of a beauty boost with Venus there. Venus brings grace where she goes.

Jupiter changes signs on 5/25/24, moving into Gemini after a year in slow-moving Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of learning, teaching, luck, and can highlight finances. Moving in to Gemini, those with planets in this sign will get a bit of a boost and the chance for some enlightenment. This year can be a good time to discuss and learn with those you surround yourself with. Learning gets a boost with Jupiter in Gemini. Learning from others specifically, rather than solo is highlighted. It is a good time to schmooze and get to know as well as learn from new people. It is a good time for travel as Gemini rules short distance travel. It can be a good time for technological advances. Self-driving cars will get a boost this year. Transportation in general will get a boost in the year ahead. The push to move to all electric vehicles could be an even increased focus now.  Spirituality can also see some outside of the box changes and advances in the year ahead. We have already seen a move for the Catholic church to bless same-sex couples, a huge move for this strict religion. Jupiter and Gemini love progress. This next year will have a lot of changes held within throwing caution to the wind. It will be

speed ahead!

Moving forward into June, on the 3rd Mercury moves into its sign of ownership, Gemini. We will have a Gemini stellium that will knock your socks off in June, bringing a social boost for us all. Get your rest in now because the end of May into June will be boosted energetically and full of fun energy!

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