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WTF is Scorpio all About? When the Sun goes Dark

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. They rule over the 8th house. This is the sign of death, regeneration, rebirth, and transformation. This is the darkest and deepest sign of the zodiac and the Sun makes its yearly trip through it October 23rd -November 22nd So, what’s the good, bad, and, ugly about this sign?

Scorpio is so deep, and so intense that it is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. These planets are not easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Nope, these planets are powerful and exert their power within this mysterious sign. Scorpio is secretive and private. Though they can be as if a volcano, lava just under the surface. They are often cool, calm or cracking jokes on the outside. Scorpio is hilarious and very good at diverting attention from their intensity, that makes them at times feel misunderstood, by distracting with laughter. You may never know how your Scorpio friend or lover really feels, but they will read you like a book. They can see through people to their deepest and darkest secrets. They are blunt, and bold, and tell it like it is! One cocktail with Scorpio and you may find yourself spilling your guts and getting called out! They make great therapists or psychologists and can see through all the BS. They also can make great detectives or researchers. They like to get down to the dirty facts. Pluto is the God of the underworld, after all. Pluto brings great control and focus to Scorpio and allows them to fool those around them into thinking they are never upset. Until they are, then Mars takes over and you better run! Scorpio has a temper and when they are provoked, and it can take quite a bit, they will get vengeance, so help them goddess.

Scorpio is sexual, as everyone on earth knows. There is so much more to them though, if you stick around long enough to be let in. They are defensive and learning to trust others is their life mission. They are reluctant to open up, for fear of getting hurt by the harsh world that they know exists. They know that life is not all rainbows and butterflies. They are not so much pessimists, as realists. They know life is not fair. They fight hard to keep the upper hand by never giving away too much. Vulnerability can be seen very much as weakness to them. When you get your Scorpio to open up though, know you are in and if you fuck them over, it can get ugly. They will never forget. Also forget forgiving, you don’t exist to them. Stay on their good side and you will have a loyal friend or partner for life. When you see what they hide under the surface you may be shocked, surprised, or fall in love. They are a masterpiece of emotions. Too bad they don’t show them more often. When they feel it is with the intensity that only that Mars and Pluto can bring about. If you can handle it, you will be awe inspired by their depth. Again, if you can handle it!

Could they pick a better actor in YOU than Penn Badgley who is a Scorpio?

Ok, so let’s talk about Scorpio’s endless sex drive. They may not give you their heart, deep feelings, or show emotions when you first meet them, but they likely will allow you to see how sexual they are. Sometimes this is without even knowing they are doing it. They show their emotions best in bed. Sex with Scorpio is not for the faint of heart. No, you need some nerve to handle what they bring to the table. Sex with Scorpio is a 4-course meal with a side of kink. They don’t hold back in bed. Neither should you if lucky enough to bag this sexy sign. They are choosy with who they bed. So don’t expect every Scorpio to have a huge back log of lovers. They don’t trust easy. That include bedmates. They also have the ability, despite their need for intimacy, to keep you at arm’s length after they were tangled in the sheets with you. Sex does not equal love for Scorpio. Don’t go getting all mushy after one sex session with this sign. They may go running for the hills! Keep it cool and don’t pry, and they may keep you around long enough to open up. Then they may be willing to love.

Scorpio season is a time to dig deep into your dark side. Whether you start journaling about your sexual desires, pick up an erotic novel or make your own in real life, now is the time to embrace your sexuality. It is time for introspection into what makes you fearful of getting what you truly deserve. It is also a good time to get familiar with your shadow.

Scorpio on a good day: super funny, adventurous, lends a shoulder to lean on, gives great advice because they see through you, is sexy but not full of themselves, opens up to be just vulnerable to get to know you, is great a researching anything, is the friend with which you can tell anything to.

Scorpio on a bad day: carries a chip on their shoulder, watch out Lays, is jealous, is manipulative, is obsessive, has a nasty sex addiction, can be prone to any addiction, confuses sex for love, is defensive, will not open up for the life of them or you, literally feels nothing, can be way too hard on themselves, has huge control issues, has a horrid temper.

Yep, Katy Perry is a Scorpio! Roar, fucking ROAR!

Happy Birthday Scorpio!!

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