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Virgo Season has Arrived!

Get out the cleaning supplies, Virgo Season is here! Occupying the time between Summer and Fall, Virgo is an earth sign and is associated with fertility and the last harvest. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is intellectually driven, quick thinking and witty. Known to be critical, Virgo can see the flaws in their selves easily and will point them out in others as well. They are hard workers and believe in the potential of their friends, family and in the world. Virgo rules over the 6th house and here you can find day to day chores, health maintenance, the work we do, and our pets.

Virgo is a sign of healing. Where Cancer will smother you with their love, Virgo will take care of you in practical ways when they care about you. They have a penchant for details and they will memorize the favorite things of those they care about and make sure their people are taken care of. If you want a friend or lover to bring you your coffee or tea just the way you like it every morning as if it is a duty assigned to them, find you a Virgo. In love they don’t fall easy, and are rather cautious with who they give their heart to. Once they decide you will be a trustworthy partner though, they will be loyal to the end. In a partner Virgo looks for substance over a hot body. They need mental stimulation and demand an intellect that can keep up with their sharp wit. If you’re prone to flake, don’t bother with Virgo. Find yourself a Gemini or Sagittarius who will go with the flow.

They are dutiful, hard workers and often very successful in what they pursue to do. They are perfectionistic workaholics that will get the job done. They are stubborn and when they set their mind to something, very little can get in their way. Getting Virgo to relax can be quite the task! They are always working on the next thing to make their lives or the lives of those around them better. They can come off as taskmasters but once they relax a Virgo can be a great friend, slinging biting sarcastic jokes at those around the happy hour table! Their dry sense of humor is unmatched. If you need a blunt opinion, call up your Virgo friend to give it to you straight!

At times Virgo is plagued by anxiety from their racing thoughts. They can come off as bossy and direct because of this. The need to get shit done is at the top of their priorities. They are not for everyone. Sensitive types can find Virgo too harsh and Air and Fire signs can find them too strict and a tad boring. They get along great with other Earth Signs who understand their drive for success. Taurus and Virgo can be work besties turned lovers. They will have a blast taking walks in nature and then going back to Taurus’ house for a good home cooked meal. Virgo and Capricorn can share their achievements over wine in an intimate booth where they can be just close enough for comfort. The issues may arise when they can’t pull themselves away from the work they love to do. Cancer and Virgo will endlessly nurture each other. Cancer will give Virgo the physical affection they didn’t know they needed. Virgo will have that sentimental gift Cancer loves to make them melt! Scorpio and Virgo could conquer the world together. Virgo brings their organized determination to the table and Scorpio brings their intuition and survival instinct. This can be a power couple! Pisces will woo Virgo with their creativity and romantic charm. Virgo will feel softer, sweeter and might actually relax with Pisces! Of the Air signs Gemini and Virgo can get along well, as they are ruled by Mercury and see eye to eye mentally. With the Fire signs I have seen Sagittarius and Virgo together more than once. These are two Mutable signs so they can be versatile when needed. ag can give Virgo some space to plot their rule of the world and Virgo can give Sag an organized place to come home to and bounce their unique philosophies off of.

Happy Birthday Virgo!!

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