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Virgo New Moon: Are you healing?

Today we have a Virgo New Moon. New Moons always highlight fresh starts, new cycles, and planning for the future. Planning is Virgo's thing! Get out your spread sheets and do the math. Calculate how long it will take to reach your goals and set them. Virgo season in general is a good time to evaluate your potential. Have you been working towards goals that will make you happier, better, smarter, more at ease, and more perfect? Virgo strives for perfection. During Virgo season it is a good time for you to as well!

I ask are you healing? Virgo, at home in the 6th house strives for healing not only their selves, but others around them. If you have planets in this sign you are called to heal and perhaps thrive in healing professions. Virgo is a very healing sign that looks to others that they can assist and they then offer their service up. Virgo does not complain about their helpfulness. They never boast about what they are working on and how bad ass they are. They just set their mind to something and get that shit done! We could all take a page from Virgo's book! Look within and ask, are you nurturing yourself and taking time to do the healing you need to. Physically, mentally, and emotionally Virgo looks for flaws and works their healing magic on them. It is a good time for us all to do this as well so we can work harder, better, and more efficiently in the future.

This New Moon does make a hard angle/square to Mars in Gemini. The Red planet may turn our perfection into criticism, and our attempt to organize into chaos! Mars is the planet of aggression and with a tough angle to the New Moon, we may find ourselves beating ourselves up instead of building our plans for the future. We are all capable of such great self love. It is a difficult time to remember to employee this love with the planet of war stirring our deepest insecurities. Its a good time to notice how we bully ourselves and cut it the hell out! Get out of your head and take a walk in nature. Grounding will help calm the turbulent internal ocean right now.

Taking a look at your physical health is a good idea now. The 6th house does have a focus on health. Getting active will help the restless energy we may all be feeling. Evaluate the changes you can make to be healthier in the future and start making them. Take it slow. One by one. Don't try to do everything at once, as Virgo would push you to. Rome wasn't built in a day!
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