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Virgo Full Moon: Time to clean up your Act!

We experience a Virgo Full Moon March 7th and the Moon in this intellectually driven earth sign is not always comfortable. Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces. This axis of the Zodiac Wheel deals with organization and creativity. Finding a balance between being too erratic and untethered yet not so strict that one misses out on the fun things in life is the focus here. Virgo likes order and hates messy emotions. Well, Full Moons bring big emotions here in Virgo a mental restlessness may be present for many.

Virgo is the second Earth sign of the Zodiac. All Earth signs are hard working and grounded. They are good at taking a step back and really thinking through their decisions. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, putting a focus on intellect with this sign. Virgo is a master at planning, thinking logically, and though they have a thirst for collecting knowledge like their sister sign Gemini, they are good at categorization when Gemini fails. This stable sign reminds us to take time to organize and clean up our lives, our thoughts, and even our closets.

This Full Moon in Virgo will bring some urgent energy to finish projects we have started with a square to impatient Mars. Collectively the energy may feel very urgent and the stuff we put to the side to do later, will pile up as later becomes now. The message here is to tend to what you have been ignoring. Virgo has big healing energy and reminds us to take care of our bodies, eat clean, look clean, be clean! Virgo is the Virgin after all! The nit picking Virgo often does with their loved ones is only because they see the potential for perfection on those they love. They only want their loved ones to see it to. So FFS wash your face, tuck in your shirt, and remember Virgo wants you to love yourself as they see you. Perfectly clean, nice, and neat.

This Full Moon will urge us to do some pre-spring cleaning. With the Sun, Neptune and Mercury currently in Pisces, however there is some creative energy int he skies. It is a good time to doodle in your sketch pad and write some poetry about how you are feeling. Virgo gets shit done while Pisces meanders about daydreaming and reminding us that life is a piece of art. Also a very healing sign, Pisces asks us to care for those around us with compassion and love. Virgo reminds us to turn that healing energy inward to our own needs. Cleanliness is close to Godliness when Virgo is involved. As we clean out homes, we should also take a peak inside ourselves and see where we may need to clean up our emotional baggage now also. It is a good time to gain clarity on what is serving you and what is bogging you down. Clean up your act this Virgo Full Moon!

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