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Venus signs: What are they about??

We all want to be loved. Well, most of us anyways. Some are very much with being alone and like most things, I can explain that with astrology! Your Venus sign can show who you attract and who you are attracted to. Venus represents how we love, our social presence, and our level of creativity. It is important to know what sign and what house Venus is placed in in your birth chart to understand your love language.

Aries Venus: This is a bold Venus placement, that at its best is generously affectionate. At its worst this placement can be selfish and too hot to handle. Ruled by Mars, Aries is sexual, independent, outgoing, and courageous. This Venus sign gets bored easily and if you can’t keep up, they will leave you in the dust! They are impatient and can throw a temper tantrum when they don’t have their way. They are confident and know their worth. They have high expectations because of this. They wear their heart on their sleeves, and will show you with romantic gestures how they feel about you. If they like you, you will know. If they hate you, you will know that to! This bold placement of the planet of love wants adventure and fun with the person they choose. They are honest and blunt and do not like to play games. They expect honesty and will give it in return. They are creative in bold ways and appreciate unique art made by others. This placement draws people to them and though they can like a good competition, they want to feel passionately desired in love. If the passion is gone, so are they. Aries is social and lives for the weekend!

Taurus Venus: Taurus is ruled by Venus so this placement is strong, and flows very nicely for the owner. Taurus Venus is grounded, sensual, emotionally stable, and honest. They appreciate the simple shit in love like breakfast in bed, wild-flowers picked on a walk, or kisses at sunset. Walks in nature are also special with a Taurus Venus. They are sensual in love and need a lover who appreciates and that does the small things. You can expect some poetry, soft massages, and romantic dinners with Taurus Venus. They do tend to move slow and you may feel the momentum is lacking in the relationship from time to time. If you have the patience to wait Taurus Venus will impress. They do like to wine and dine and to be wined and dined as well. They can usually cook, if they can’t, they know the finest food in the area to grab any time of day. They have a refined palate. Taurus also will take care of you in practical ways. They will make sure, as their lover, you have what you need. They do have a creative eye and are usually very artistically creative. They can paint, sing, or play music often. Socially, they are more introverted than extroverted. They tend to be pretty private and low key in love. They are professional cuddlers and physical touch is important for them.

Gemini Venus: Chatty Kathy over here loves with the words flowing of their slick tongue. Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury. This sign has swag and charisma. They have the gift of the gab and can chit chat their way into any bed and to some hearts. They have mad game and are big flirts and this can get them a bad rep. Communication is everything for this love sign. If Gemini loves you, they will tell you so. They will also tell the world. They are not shy and if you tickle their fancy, they will talk about you all the time. They need communication of what you think in return. They are drawn to the quick and witty people who make them laugh. They are also drawn to the nerdier, intelligent types who have a million topics to chat about. The weirder and more intriguing, the better. This Venus placement doesn’t like deeply emotional conversations. Displays of emotion make then cringe. They have a hard time committing in a relationship and it really takes someone who is on their level mentally for them to settle down. Gemini Venus is creative in a quirky and colorful way. They are social butterflies who need another extrovert to come to art shows and museums with them.

Cancer Venus: Soft, sensitive, and sweet, this Venus sign is one to wife up! Cancer Venus is a serial monogamist and usually wont date without the thought of love, marriage, and a baby carriage on their mind. They can be a tough nut to crack though with their hard shell and defensive instincts. When you crack through that shell, Cancer Venus loves by nurturing. They enjoy giving to others so that they feel cared for. They can usually cook well and keep their home comfortable for anyone who comes by. They are a shoulder to cry on and they can draw lovers to them with their offering of understanding and easy affection. They are huge cuddlers when in love and sensual touch can be a huge turn on for them. Though they may not tell you to your face, when they love you, but you will be able to tell by the way they care for you and nurture you. They are very intuitive and give their lovers what they desire using their gut as guidance. The down side is they can be clingy and not every other sign can handle the Cancer Venus level of neediness. They have high expectations and can become moody when they don’t get their way. They can sometimes expect their mate to have psychic precision in predicting their needs, without saying a word. In the same way they do tend to pick up on everything and they remember the little things their lover wants. Don’t say something you don’t mean to this love sign, because they will remember and when you break your promise and never trust again. Trust is huge for this love sign that craves security over all. Cancer Venus is creative and can usually write poetry, sing you love songs, or paint your portrait. They are more shy in social situations than others and take some time to open up. Their favorite date involves cuddles on the couch and a good meal. They are also sarcastic and funny AF so get ready for an ab work out laughing together!

Leo Venus: If you can’t give this Venus sign your everything, then don’t submit your application for their love! Leo Venus is dramatic, attention seeking, and has a heart of gold. This Venus sign exudes confidence. When in love they will shower you with affection, but never do so without expecting the same in return. They are passionate and want an unbridled love that will burn forever. They won’t ever settle for less than the best. When you are good to them though, they will be loyal to the end. If you fuck up, they will tell you so and expect a HUGE apology. You have to be humble to date a Leo Venus. Leo Venus does like the finer things in life and if you buy them something that bling blings their heart will go pitter patter. Leo Venus is usually up for anything but will expect undying commitment and a family when they settle down. That is not to say they have not had a fun fling or 20! They do have a deep connection to having children and a family they call their own at the end of the day. Venus in Leo is fashion forward and has an eye for style. They are creative and expression of their creativity is huge for them and over the top any time of the day. When you are ruled by the Sun, you are kind of a big deal! They only want you to give them your all. Is that so much to ask? Leo will show off in any crowd and loves to go out with friends and family over staying home any day.

Virgo Venus: Virgo is ruled by Mercury. The way to this Venus signs heart is through their brain. They are suckers for witty conversation, fun banter and a clean house. Intelligence is a true turn on for Virgo Venus. They need mental connection. Their sense of humor can be biting but they can take it just the same as they dish it. Virgo Venus is perfectionistic, determined, and organized. They have a list or spreadsheet with all the qualities they want in a partner. They like a lover to check all the boxes. These high expectations can lead to Venus in Virgo getting their heart broken a time or two. This is one of the signs that is ok being alone. They will not settle for less than they believe they deserve. They would rather brave this harsh world on their own. When you do learn to play Virgos heartstrings, they will want to go hiking in nature with you, as spending time outside is rather therapeutic for Virgo. They are one Venus sign that would go camping for a weekend getaway, roughing it, and have a blast doing so. They are laid back despite the tough of anxiety any Virgo placement can bring. They expect honesty and will certainly deliver this in return. They are super loyal and commit easily when they trust you. Virgo is not secretive and can be rather blunt in love. If you do some dumb shit, you will hear about it. They are not always super creatively driven but can often make wonderful writers. They are very much more on the practical side than the creative side. Socially, you can find Virgo Venus out in nature rather than out at the club.

Libra Venus: A nice car, a nice smile, and good fashion sense are things on the list of Libra Venus’ love list! They like a pretty package and if you have bad teeth, smelly breath, or dirty shoes, they will ghost you faster than you can say Casper. It’s not to say all Libra Venus owners are superficial, but many are. I said it. Cancers are needy and Libra is superficial. Ruled by Venus, they are sweet, kind, and charismatic. Venus is happy in this sign. Their fashion sense will lure many partners into their grip. Libra Venus loves to be in love. When they get the Ick from someone, they are fully aware there are plenty of fish in the sea. They are on their way to go grab their fishing pool first chance they get. A love story with this Venus sign is full of romance, nights out on the town, and fun with their large circle of friends. This is a fun Venus sign to be in love with. They are often down for anything as long as its not too serious. They are not very emotional and they can shy away from the deep conversations some Venus signs demand. They are also indecisive and can madden more fast decision makers! Libra Venus sees the good in others and has a hard time choosing one person to be with. They can have commitment issues due to this. Libra is a people pleaser and hates conflict. It is hard to know if you are getting their honest opinion or the watered-down version to keep you happy. That said, they will do just about anything to keep their lover happy. With Libra’s good eye, they can be very creative and desire to share their creativity with others. They are inspired easily. The world is their muse. This sign is socially outgoing and can mingle in any crowd charming your friggin pants off.

Scorpio Venus: This Venus sign is deep, sensual, and mysterious. They have a certain something about them that is sexy and that draws others to want to get close to them while managing to be somewhat intimidating. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Yes, this sign is so complicated they get two planetary rulers! This Venus sign not only wants to be loved; they want a soul bond. They won’t accept anything less. They sense what their lover needs with their psychic like intuition and dive in. This knowing allows them to take care of their lover just the way they want. Scorpio Venus can get to know the secrets of their lovers easily, but they will take their own secrets with them to the grave. They are private and do not like over the top displays of affection in public. In the bedroom that is a whole other story. They need passion like they need air. They show their love with passionate displays. When they fall for someone, they become obsessed. They demand that their lover’s attention be on them and will accept nothing but strict loyalty. Not to say that they won’t come to a mutual decision with their partner to experiment some sexually. Overall, they can be quite possessive and jealous of those they care for. It is hard to win a Scorpio over and because of this, when they trust they have a hard time letting go. Love with a Scorpio Venus is full of passion, deep conversations, and emotional expression. Not all signs can handle the intensity of Scorpio Venus. This Venus sign can be very creative and they use their deep intuition to channel works of art. Scorpio Venus is able to fool you into thinking they are a social butterfly, but they’d rather be at home with their closest friends or their pets.

Sagittarius Venus: Go big or go home! Sagittarius puts their all into everything they do, and their love lives are no different. Sagittarius in Venus is here for the party and if you can’t hang, then they will be on to the next! A fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is ever the optimist. Venus in this sign sees the good in others. They are attracted to many different types of people and will try almost anything or anyone once! They are the players of the zodiac. Yep, I said it. They are just so full of excitement for life that they have a hard time sitting still and a harder time committing. They need a partner in crime to go with the flow with them from one adventure to the next. They do enjoy deep philosophical conversations with their lover, but don’t get too emotional or say they’re wrong. Sag is always right in their head. So, you can F*** off with that negativity! If they do stick around for more than a one-night stand, you will be in awe of their endless energy and constant theorizing on what life is all about. Sagittarius is not for the slower movers and can make your head spin if you can’t keep up. They are constantly laughing and joking and can attract many admirers with their carefree attitude. Where Sagittarius Venus gets tripped up is they are so independent that they can push others away with their stubbornness. This is another sign on the list of someone who can be alone for life with a fling here and a short-term love there and be totally at ease. Sag likes to do what they want when they want and if you can keep the leash loose you can hang with them for some time. Sagittarius can see the beauty in almost anything and can be very creative if they can sit still long enough to finish what they start! They are socialites and will put on a show for anyone who will be their audience!

Capricorn Venus: Being ruled by Saturn, Capricorn Venus is very mature for their age, rarely having one-night stands in their 20’s or frivolous affairs ever. They treat love like they treat their bank account, very seriously. They require many security checks to gain access to their heart. They are similar to Virgo, with their list and excel spreadsheet of what they need in love. They do tend to give less of a shit than Virgo though, compromising on far less. This is another sign that can be just fine on their own. They are the picture of independence, often falling in love with their career than any human. If Venus in Cap does catch some feels for you, they will treat you to the best, spending their carefully saved money on whatever tickles your fancy. They often are attracted to status and have been known to bed their boss a time or two. This love sign demands respect and takes issue with anyone who doesn’t see just how hard they work. If you don’t prefer sharing your lover with their heavy work load, this Venus sign may not be for you. Working so hard, if you can get Capricorn Venus to relax with a spa day, or massage, they will be putty in your paws. Just as they like treating their lovers to the finer things they love material gifts. This is one Venus sign you never want to give a gift card to on their b-day. They are particular about what they want and what they like. If they choose you, you should be flattered! This is not a super cuddly, love-dovey Venus sign. Look to Cancer if affection is what you need. This Venus placement is not the super creative type. They are masters of money, making it, and saving it. They are one for a good party but its always quality over quantity for them, so save the invites to dive bars for Venus in Sag.

Aquarius Venus: This Venus sign is intellectual, flirty, high tech, and low on emotions. Emotions make this Venus sign squirm. They would rather talk data, facts, and outlandish stories with others. If you have an equal intellect, you will spark interest in this love sign. Aquarius Venus demands independence and space to be exactly who they are. If they get the sense you are too clingy or that you will try to infringe upon their freedom, they will run the other way. They desire to be best friends with their lover before they can even begin a relationship. That said, Venus in Aquarius is a very social placement, so if their friends don’t like their mate, they will be on to the next. Open minded, unique and a pro at outside the box thinking, this sign can be hard to understand and harder to pin down. They are so open minded that they have a hard time committing to one person. Aquarius Venus desires to be seen as unique. They display their quirks to others as if to weed out those who truly can handle their odd theories and strange antics. Once you settle into coupledom or whatever unconventional version of that Aquarius grants you, you will be pleased with a lover who can keep you laughing and keep you on your toes. This brilliant Venus sign is very creative and can dream up some truly inspirational projects.

Pisces Venus: Have you ever wondered what it was like to have your lover read your mind? Well get into a relationship with someone with Venus in Pisces. They are an intuitive sponge mapping out exactly what you like and executing it with surprising smoothness. This Venus sign is poetic in the way they love. They are all heart and give their all willingly and without a second thought. Sometimes they give too much, being attracted to those in need or who they can try to help fix. In love they are very much a bleeding heart. They wear rose colored glasses and easily get lured into the traps of some who take advantage of them. This soft and sensitive soul often gives the benefit of the doubt leading to a lot of heartbreak over time. They don’t take these heartbreaks easily and can get stuck deep int their feels all too often. Pisces Venus is emotional. If you don’t have time to hear about how they feel or don’t want to talk about your emotions, their fish ass will be swimming the other direction. Pisces needs emotional validation and an emotionally deep connection to feel the love. As they go with the flow, they have a hard time with commitment and are the one Water sign that truly requires freedom and solo time. They often have MANY creative projects they dip in and out of from time to time. The Pisces Venus is talented if they can tap into their emotions and use them positively instead of drowning them in a bottle of something bubbly. Though Pisces Venus is versatile and can mingle with any crowd, especially if alcohol and drugs are involved, they do prefer being at home where their sensitive emotions are safe and sound.

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