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Venus Moves into Cancer

As Venus saunters into Cancer and rolls right into bed on July 17th... we all may feel a little more inclined to snuggle up than go out and play. Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon and ruling the home. Cancer loves comfort and to be pampered. Cancer is the fierce mother figure of the Zodiac. When Venus is in Cancer we find a rather sensitive person. Venus in Cancer will cook dinner for their lover, then slip into something a little more comfortable for dessert. Oh you didn't know Sweet and sensitive Cancer could be a freak? Think Pamela Anderson, and Little Kim. Sex is what Caner does naturally. Cancer rules over the breasts and fertility. The feminine divine is found in this womanly sign. When Venus is found here she is happy and very, very well expressed.

Venus is the planet we look to when we want to see how someone gives and receives love. It also is the planet most related to our creativity. There is a lot of giving and receiving with this expressive planet especially when placed in the very feeling sign of Cancer. Think the ebb and flow of the tides. This is how Cancer experiences life. When Venus rests in Cancer, resting is what this placement wants to do. A lazy day in bed with their partner is just what this Venus wants! Venus in Cancer is a feminine placement whether in a female or males chart. A woman with this placement would be someone to dress in very flowy, comfortable, yet stylish clothing. Showing off her curves in a shy but sexy way, Venus in Cancer is not often too over the top. That is unless she has something to prove. If feeling rather insecure, a definite property of Cancer in general, She will go to extremes to prove she has what it takes. This usually has to do with some chick flirting with her partner or perhaps some made up scenario she created in her head that points to her lover not thinking she is beautiful enough, or sexy enough. That said, the sweet sensuality of Venus in Cancer draws men and women to those with this placement like bees to honey often without them having to try so hard. A man with Venus in Cancer may be expressed in his ability to understand, speak with, and befriend the ladies with ease. A man with Venus in Cancer would be very sensitive and intuitive to the needs of his lover. He would likely be very close to his family. If he is not he would likely have the desire to create a family of his own. In a mans chart Venus in Cancer may be displayed with romantic displays of affection and sensual, sweet kisses. This is once they trust you. Trust is huge with this planetary placement.

The thing about this placement is that even if every other placement in the chart of a person with Venus in Cancer points to them being a train wreck, they often still have something about them that makes your root for their success. Think of OJ Simpson! There was something very endearing about him though, we all knew that glove was his! This placement brings a vulnerability to its owners. They have a certain look as if they could either laugh or cry at any moment. They are expressive and this can manifest with an abundance of creativity. There are many celebrities that have this placement.

Venus in Cancer as with everything else, shows love in a rather shy way. Once they fall though, they fall hard and want to do whatever it takes to keep their partner happy. They will memorize what their lover wants and make sure to keep them smiling. They may seem moody at times and hard to pin down. This sign is ruled by the ever changing Moon and they wax and wane just the same. You may have a hard time understanding your Cancer Venus, but they will most assuredly understand you.

At their best, this placement offers endless snuggles, deep conversations about feelings, delicious food on your plate, and sensual moments tangled within each other in bed. At their worst Venus in Cancer is moody, jealous, possessive, insecure, and attention seeking.

If you are interested in your Venus placement in your chart and a Venus reading, contact me. I can help!

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