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Venus Goes Retrograde July 22nd!!

Venus the planet of love moves into retrograde motion on July 22nd, the same day that the Sun moves into this sassy fire sign. When Venus goes retrograde, as with any retrograde planet, it is a good time to reflect upon the themes of the planet and how they affect your life. Here we see love, relationships, and creativity. Are you giving enough? Are you getting what you deserve? Should you open your heart to love just a little more? It is also a time where that loving feeling can tend to fizzle for us and we have to work a little harder at keeping the spark alive. It is not a great time for starting new creative projects or love relationships, so wait till Venus moves out of retrograde on September 3rd for that! It is also not a great time for makeovers and new beauty regimens. It is a time to appreciate what you have and evaluate what you have to work with. Below is how this retrograde will affect all the signs.

Aries: This retrograde will shake up your romantic life and you may really feel the need to ask your lover to shape up or ship out. It is time to plan and put the work in to your love life or move the F on. You may see relationship tensions, not only with your lover, but also with your children. Your creative projects especially can feel stagnant now. Plan what is next, making improvements for the future, but expect no miracles now.

Taurus: Your relationship with mom could be bumpy now. You can see any home renovations going sour, so put them off till after September 3rd. Don’t force it. Use the patience you are known for to make sure the details are just right before finishing. If you are home searching, try not to buy just yet as you may see the fixer upper you choose turn into a total disaster! Embrace your deep emotions now and reflect on them in private by journaling or chatting with your close friends or family members.

Gemini: You will need to take extra caution when trying to say what you mean now. You may find your words can be more harsh and that you have even less patience than usual for people. Any trips you plan can hit roadblocks and just simply not be as smooth as you would like now. Take care speaking with and meeting up with your siblings now. You just lack the tact you can usually muster up.

Cancer: You will need to watch your spending at this time like a hawk. Careful of emotional spending and splurging as the shit you buy may lead you to buyers’ remorse as it ends up being total junk! Save up money now for a rainy day and expect some unexpected bills to arrive out of the blue. Watch your accounts. You will also be lagging when it comes to your creative projects. You may lack inspiration and motivation now. Retrograde is a good time to brainstorm ways to do things differently in the future. Get out the pen and paper and put that thinking cap on.

Leo: In your sign, you may be in a particularly disgusting rut now when it comes to self-confidence and self-love. You may be struggling to find a way to get through this. Reach out to those who you love most because they will certainly boost you up with the love, they have for you. Romance is just not at is best for you now. You may feel discouraged. Try to see the bright side of things and revamp your approach. Throw yourself into the dating pool or at your partner on September 3rd and you will get great results. Two words for you Leo as the Sun also moves into your sign, SELF CARE.

Virgo: You may be plagued with unpleasant dreams and even nightmares now. Sleep can be disturbed or may just simply not happen for you as you lay your head on your pillow at night. You could have some deep wounds open up for you to tend to now. Time to focus on you and to take some solitude to find your happy again.

Libra: Check on your friends and though you may be in an argument with one or two, try your best to sort through the mud now. You may see plans fail and not turn out how you would like now. Any charity or social benefit you attend or work on can end in disaster now. Take time to see to the details before launching any new projects. You may lack the usual “good eye” you are known for and thus make poor choices now.

Scorpio: Venus retrograde will be messing with your career. You may get some unpleasant news in regard to a raise, promotion, or bonus you were expecting. You may have to put in some hard work to get the accolades you deserve right now. Plan ahead and if you are still unhappy on September 3rd, get that resume out there.

Sagittarius: Your plans to travel abroad may go haywire, leading you to cancel a trip or change the itinerary. You could see any school projects you are working on with teaching or learning end with the need for revision now. Before turning in any projects, you may need to have an extra, trusted set of eyes look it over for mistakes.

Capricorn: Your spiritual practices could lose the wind in their sails now. Any new practices you take on may not sit right with you. You can see the stirring of unpleasant thoughts that you need to take time to address now. Journaling and taking time alone may be needed to get to the bottom of your intense feels now. It is also possible you may see a dry spell in the bedroom. It is a good time to take a look at your lusty desires and decide if you are really happy with what you have been getting when getting it on!

Aquarius: You will see Venus retrograde in your house of committed relationships and the bad habits of your partner could be amplified now to a deafening scream. Be careful how you deal with this now since you can be more apt to be hurtful with your words now. If you are truly unhappy kick your partner to the curb! If dating, you may hit a rut and feel the desire to give up on finding love. Reevaluate after September 3rd making sure you know what you actually want in a committed relationship. Any issues with the law may be particularly challenging for you now.

Pisces: You may have some struggles with your day-to-day chores. You may be unmotivated and put them aside for another day. That day may never come! The workload in your career may be particularly distasteful now with difficulty meeting deadlines. You may be more disorganized than usual and focusing can be tough. Pay attention to your pets now and take extra time to tend to any problems you have with them. If starting a new health routine, you may lack the ability to see the benefits till after Sept 3rd. Keep at it!

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