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The Astrology of Capricorn the GOAT


It is as if the creator was ready for one Zodiac sign to truly value the art of working hard. Thus, waved that creator wand of theirs and boom! Capricorn was created. Capricorn bears the weight of the world on their shoulders with a smile on their face, they were made for hard work and know that if they don’t do it themselves, they can trust anyone else to get shit done! Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is often depicted as the most serious sign of the Zodiac, and while this is true most of the time, they also have a rather fun side you can see in their earlier years and lighter moments. When they decide on something that they want, they then flip the switch and get seriously devoted to whatever cause they feel drawn to. Don’t ever try to convince them to change their minds, they will leave you in the dust. Don’t every tell them they’re wrong. They will wave you off like a British aristocrat. They don’t like to follow. They don’t like to make compromises. Harsh? Yes.

 The personality of Capricorn though, is often sarcastic when not serious and they can crack up a room with their biting humor. They are drawn to the finer things in life and when not at the “office” they are down for a good time. If they decide they like you they will stay for a long time as they are very dependable and loyal to those they care for. It is just that you may not know they like you very much, unless you pay attention to their actions, not words. They will roast you endlessly if you are their friend. They are very much different in this way from their opposing sign, sweet Cancer who spills their guts to those they love. Capricorns go for quality over quantity and calling them choosy is an understatement. They have high standards and high demands. This spills over to the quality of people they invite into their lives also.

Capricorn is like a Ford truck, built strong. They set goals, and crush them only asking for more when they reach the top. They demand respect in every area of their lives and status means much to them. These men have enough swag to climb the ladder and enough composure to be a politician. The women are straight up boss bitches! Hello Michelle Obama! The problem with their one-track minded business sense is they can fail to GAF about anything else in life, often allowing work to become their most important love relationship. They have a hard time focusing on anything else. If you get involved with a Capricorn, you can expect your relationship to be business like in nature. If you want romance, find a Taurus, Cancer, or Libra. Capricorn will spoil the one they care about with material things, and not affection.

Materialistic, Capricorn has their mind on their money and money on their mind. They must guard against being too money oriented and work focused. They also must watch just how stubborn they are when focused on a goal. They can ice everyone out of their life by forgetting to lighten up every once in a while. Capricorn can have bouts of solitude, because believe them when they say they don’t need anyone, that lead to depression. All work and not play does make Jack a dull boy, so it turns out.


Capricorn Compatibility:

Capricorns most compatible matches: Taurus and Virgo totally get Capricorn’s driven nature. They also are hard-working earth signs with similar standards and expectations.  Pisces and Cancer can be especially accommodating to Capricorn’s demands. Capricorn may need to water down their blunt nature with them at times or they may leave in tears. Scorpio will bring out Capricorn’s passionate side in bed and beyond. They are equally stubborn and driven when they want something. They can be a power couple for sure! I have seen them in a match with Aries and Leo a few times and it can work well if the two don’t compete with one and other.

Capricorns are not great with Gemini as they can be too flighty and scattered for Capricorn’s driven nature. Libra is too wishy washy for Cap to have the patience for. Aquarius can be to much of a rule breaker for Capricorn to even begin to see eye to eye with them. Sagittarius wants to be out and about, making it hard for them to wait on Capricorn sending that one last work email before leaving the house.

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