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Sun in Virgo: Where are those cleaning supplies?

The Sun moves out of wild child Leo and into strait laced Virgo later today. The energy shift may be palpable as we go from strutting our stuff to organizing our closet. Virgo is known to be organized and a little obsessive. Ruled by Mercury, they are quite different than their sister sign Gemini. Gemini is scattered, impulsive, and excitable. They tend to display Mercurial traits with curiosity and a quick wit where Virgo uses this communicative Mercury energy to gather information and store it to use. Gemini gathers information but quickly moves onto the next exciting topic, throwing out what they have learned as it is no longer important to them. Virgo is known to be the sign of perfectionism and they are known to be precise. Once you get to know them, they can also be very funny, full of fun facts, and if you get the chance to see them let go, they are a hell of a good time.
Virgo rules the 6th house. This house is associated with day-to-day work and routines, our jobs, and our health. Our pets, who we take care of are found in this house as well as how we interact with animals. This is the house you look to for how you heal your health and any health risks you may face. Virgo is often overlooked for their association with service to others, yet the 6th house where they rule, is associated with this. They are the helpers of the zodiac. With all their orderliness and knit picking, they want to make others better. Changing the world, one criticism at a time.
Virgo is a grounded Earth sign. To think clearly though, they need order. Virgo is the Sun sign that cleans for therapy. When upset you can find them in the kitchen scrubbing the counter. They are stressed when things are cluttered and can only relax when the work is done. Calm and steady, this level headed sign is helpful to their friends and strangers alike. They are who you go to for blunt advice and don’t sugar coat anything. They will give it to you straight. This bluntness though, gets them a bad rep for being too tough and at times cold. Though they like the cleanliness of their indoor environment, Virgo does appreciate their time outdoors. A hike in the forest can invigorate Virgo and is a wonderful way for them to relax.

Virgo the good: Organized, intelligent, honest, grounded, helpful and dutiful.
Virgo the bad: Particular, perfectionistic, overachieving, cold, and stoic.

The month ahead is a good time to deep clean your house and organize your files. We may find ourselves a little more on edge when things are not spic and span.

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