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Saturn Talk!

Saturn is the ever dreaded planet of the Zodiac associated with hard times, hard work, and cool emotions. Saturn brings challenges where he is placed in your birth chart. Where he transits he also adds pressure. Saturn takes 2.5 years to make it through a house/sign and because it takes so much time Saturn transitions and movements can mold us personally as well as society as a whole. No matter the sign, as Saturn moves painstakingly through the Zodiac Wheel he challenges personal planets frequently with Squares or Oppositions and blesses others with Trines or Sextiles. Saturn Conjunction to your natal Saturn can bring completion to certain themes in your life and the beginning of a new cycle in life. Saturn transits very much are game changers and something to be aware of for why you may be struggling or thriving at any given time.

Saturn has been in Aquarius for the last 2.5 years, starting in December 2020. I believe as we see him mosey on over to watery Pisces, we will see our Covid fears fade away, allowing us to flow along a little more easily. As Saturn placed pressures on us socially in Aquarius we all saw tensions between this side or that come to a head, bursting with intense emotions and eventually resolve. We saw social distancing with Covid as the largest stressor amongst us put people at odds. The Virus Covid was not exactly brought on by this placement, but the restrictions on society were a result of this tough transit. Aquarius represents society as a whole and our friendships/social connections. Saturn nearly severed these connections leaving all of us stressed and cursing the skies! We had to put in the work, Saturn rules work and the 10th house, to survive, for the good of all. We were forced to consider the needs of those more vulnerable than us in society and do what was needed to keep them from getting so ill they would die. Wearing masks, lonely nights, staying in doors is a thing of the past as Saturn moves on to Pisces. If you are able to see past the pain, you may look back at this transit and see you have gained a lot of new friends and social connections during this tough transit. New challenges are ahead, as Saturn challenges us in a new part of life so we are continuously growing.

Pisces the last of the Water signs is compassionate, emotional and a natural healer. The 12th house where Pisces reigns is the last house of the zodiac and includes themes of hidden talents, hidden enemies, institutions, hospitals, acts of service, out intuition, and simply being our own enemy. It is not the most fun house of the zodiac, but this house is important to gain understanding of if you have planets there in your birth chart. These themes will be hindered, restructured, and challenged when Saturn enters this sign. I believe we will see restructuring and big changes to our health system as healers and hospitals are found in Pisces. We may see changes and restructuring revolving around prisoners and prison systems. We may just see the mystical and intuitive arts gain some structure and respect as an actual religion or even a science. Where we may see traditional religions fall into the dark waters of the outdated past. Those with Pisces placements should pay close attention to this transit as well as those with Virgo placements in their chart. You may find yourself challenged, but also rewarded most by this transit.

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