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Saturn Retrograde June 17th-November 4th 2023

Working hard or hardly working?

Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure, and hard work moves into retrograde action June 17th through November 4th, 2023. Each retrograde of this slow-moving planet lasts about 5 months and this leads to many being born with Saturn retrograde in your birth chart. This retrograde will be in the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Doing the back stroke through this water sign, Saturn may stir up emotional hang ups we all thought we had dealt with already. Saturn demands we be responsible. In the dreamy sign of Pisces, this is not an easy ask. Simply having Saturn, the planet of discipline in the most go with the flow sign of the zodiac is not easy energy. Adding Retrograde to this, can make things even more tough. Retrogrades are are a time for reflection as lessons we have seen come our way are often revisited with or without our consent. Often called the great teacher, Saturn wants you to struggle, fight through your issues, and learn from them. Saturn likes a good slow burn and if you haven’t learned the lesson this time around, you will see Saturn bring it up again. What is in store for each sign with this retrograde of reflection? Read on for some guidance. Like it or not Saturn is here to help you check your emotions at the door. Are you ready for what’s in store?

Aries: With Saturn in your 12th house, you are going to see some emotional, subconscious shit stirred up. You may see some losses come your way and if you have previously suffered losses, you will be led to deal with your deep-rooted emotions in relation to those losses. Death. I am talking about death, and grief here. You could be mourning a part of yourself, a loss of a job, a pet, a friend, or your family members. Either way dealing with these emotions is asked of you now. No escape. You may have a harder time than usual sleeping now while your energy is as low as your mood. It is a good time to seek therapy to deal with these deeply emotional subjects that will be inescapably on your mind. The discipline that you have had mentally may falter now causing you to seek help.

Taurus: As Saturn moved through your 11th house and into retrograde here, you will see friendships likely end or take on a more serious energy now. You could be called to examine what your friends mean to you and how they enhance your life or on the other hand suck the life out of you. Do you have quality friendships in your life? If you do not, the superficial bull shit connections you have will fall away, allowing you to embrace your true friends. You can do some self-reflection now on what you bring to a friendship yourself and perhaps decide to be more giving than you have been to those who deserve it. You could also feel a bit lonely now if your friends have been more than a little distant lately. Where you stand socially with others will be in question now for you and deciding to hold on to what you have or let it go is in the balance. Note that you do have Jupiter the planet of luck in your sign now, so this Saturn retrograde transit may be better balanced by this optimistic planet helping out in your sign.

Gemini: Saturn in your 10th house of Career and reputation has not been an easy placement. You could be struggling at work and in need of some discipline to start, carry out, and finish projects. You may be feeling drained of your motivation at your job and even question what you chose this career for all together. When Saturn moves backwards, you will be in self-reflection mode and questioning your life purpose when it comes to what you contribute to the world. Will you become a wet noodle and stay in a stagnant job you have no passion for, or will you dig deep and discover your calling? At the very least you will have to power through one way or another as you know those bills need paid.

Cancer: Your 9th house of teaching, learning, and spirituality is being challenged now and you may be feeling a loss of purpose when it comes to self-growth. The motivations you had for taking the class, teaching others, or beginning a spiritual practice can be in question now. Your focus could be scattered as Saturn moves retrograde and the need to exercise discipline can be lost as you seek relaxation instead. What does your soul need spiritually? How can you water that garden when you feel drained? Keeping your cup a little more full than you have been comes up here. The slow progress you feel now spiritually or even just in any learning and teaching you have been embarking on, will give you results over time. Patience is important for us all now, and you are included.

Leo: With Saturn in your 8th house, you have been navigating through some fears, phobias, grief, and past losses. This is a tough house to have Saturn in and if you have not suffered some losses, you may have had to deal with watching those around you in despair. I am honestly not sure what is worse. As Saturn moves into retrograde, digging deep into your subconscious to deal with your most intimate emotions, sexual hang ups, and odd phobias is asked of you now. This is your opportunity to understand yourself better now. Saturn wants you to be brave now and examining where your strength comes from is highlighted. Seeking spiritual healing is a good idea now and seeing a therapist is also a good idea to work through your deep and dark. The first step is simply admitting that your heart of gold has a little black in it.

Virgo: Saturn has been messing around in your 7th house of love and partnerships since March. Your love life could have gotten serious quick with this transit. It is also possible your long-term commitment that has been growing slowly could be ripe for the picking with an engagement or marriage in the works. With Saturn retrograde and time for reflection, you may reconsider if you’re getting what you need from your committed relationship. You can also be taking a look at if you have been pulling your weight in your relationship. You may gain perspective and decide to either stick with it or turn away from your current love situation. You may at this time decide you are not getting any younger and you are in need of something that better suite you. YOLO. Life is too damn short for mediocre love. If single you could decide it is time to open your heart again to the possibility of love and get out there again. Get those dating apps set up!

Libra: Your 6th house is being visited by Saturn in retrograde action and you will have to possibly do over a few projects at work or even at home that need perfected. You may have increased responsibilities on your plate and absolutely no desire to complete any of them. Saturn retrograde can lead to lost motivation for us all. You may look at the ways you have been too hard on yourself and learn perhaps that you should be a little more forgiving of your mistakes. You can’t be perfect all the time. Saturn in the 6th house can have an effect on your health so pay attention as retrograde sets in on how you are feeling. Do a little self-check in as old health issues could resurface. Attend all your doctor visits as planned instead of giving into the desire to be lazy and miss them. If you start a new exercise regimen it may be tough to stick to it now. Keep at it Libra!

Scorpio: Saturn has been in your 5th house of children, self-expression, and creativity. Though you may have been struggling to start new creative projects, it is a good time to revisit old projects you tossed to the side and give them new life! Speaking of new life, it can be a challenging time with your children currently. If you have children, old arguments and issues can arise now. You will need to be extra careful with handling the situation, whatever it is this time around to finally put it to bed. If trying to have children, you may need to go the extra mile to conceive. Saturn slows progress and in retrograde, it can bring double the struggle. Saturn wants you to be patient now and learn to trust the process.

Sagittarius: Saturn is in your 4th house and causing you to take your home life more seriously. You may have committed to settling down recently and your search for a home has not been made easy as Saturn moved into Pisces. If house hunting, you could find some things wrong with the house you have settled on that require hard work to remediate. When this planet goes retrograde, past issues with your house or apartment can arise again when you thought you fixed them. Any renovations you are doing can go awry. Make sure any contractors you hire now are well trusted. You may have to extend some extra love and care to your home. The same love and care may be needed for your relationship with your mother. She may need your help now and you may need to be super responsible in order to help her. Her health issues from the past can come up again and you may need to assist her. It is time for you to mother your mother a bit as she did when you were a child.

Capricorn: Saturn is transiting your 3rd house and you may be feeling as if you cannot say what you wish right now or simply that no one is listening. You may take some time to evaluate your communication style and work to communicate what you think or feel more effectively. As Saturn goes retrograde you may find that arguments form the past with your siblings can resurface. You may not have the kind or calm words needed to work these conflicts out right now. You may choose to just stop communicating with your siblings all together. Sometimes when you have nothing nice to say it really is best to not say anything at all. Short distance travel plans can have a hard time taking off and you may find trips cancelled. If in classes you may see your progress stalled or that you need to relearn an old lesson from the past. Time to take notes.

Aquarius: Every time you pay a bill off it must seem as if another pops up. With Saturn in your 2nd house of income and security, the budget can be tight. It can also be a time for reevaluating spending and coming up with a strict budget to save for the future. Old bills that need paid now may come up now when Saturn goes retrograde. Investments made now can have a pay off in the future, but the future may be too long to wait for you. Research any new investments, as you always should, and make sure they are smart. It can be until November that you see any return on these investments. You must be patient, not an easy thing for you Aquarius!

Pisces: Hosting Saturn in your sign is never fun. Your mood can turn darker than usually and your outlook can become gloomy. You can see the glass as half empty not full. Road blocks can cloud your day. Trying to get just about anything done is impossible. Now your motivation may be sapped as Saturn goes retrograde. You may struggle to get out of bed with your energy level on near empty. You may take this time to examine your self-image and take self-improvement more seriously. You could decide to let go of the responsibilities weighing you down, at least for a short time. When Saturn moves back out of retrograde in November, it will be back to the grind for you. You will gain some improved self-discipline now on a level you are certainly not used to. Use it to accomplish what you have put off for the years past.

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