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Saturn Retrograde Ends!

Saturn is the slow moving planet that rules the success oriented sign Capricorn. Saturn rules over the 10th house of career and reputation. Saturn stays in each sign for about 2.5 years. This planet is demanding, cold, slow moving, and where it sits in your birth chart it can bring challenges. Currently Saturn has been Retrograde in Capricorn and has entered Aquarius. The challenges we have seen collectively, since Saturn entered Capricorn in 2020, control by the government (Capricorn) and the push and pull of our freedom in society (Aquarius) are themes seen with these two signs. When a planet moves forward out of Retrograde its power is still off balance at first. As it regains full force we can see the themes of the sign it is in effected fully and enhanced by the planet. As Saturn moves forward, these collective issues of Government vs society may rise to the forefront of the news and also our awareness and worries.

Personally if you know your birth chart you will see Saturn's cold and slow lessons effect you in different ways. Check where Aquarius and Capricorn also sit in your chart including the house, as this is where Saturn is moving now. Saturn is the great teacher. Saturn makes things difficult so you can learn, persevere, and be rewarded. You may have heard of a Saturn return. This is when Saturn returns to the place it sits in your birth chart. It happens every 28-30 years. This is a time where Saturn wishes to test you to see what you have learned. You will be rewarded if you have put in the work. Saturn just loves to make you work.

Some themes ahead:

Learning discipline, finding your career path, Governmental control, society rising up against control, social rebellion, your personal social life in upheaval, losing friends, issues with your personal career.

Potential rewards can be seen in these areas as well if you put in the work!

I can help guide you with a Birth Chart reading if you want to know more!

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