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Pisces New Moon: Follow Your Dreams.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. They have big hearts, big feelings, and big imaginations. Pisces is all water and likes to flow through life wherever the tide takes them. This soft and peaceful sign is ruled by Neptune and rules over the 12th house. Right now the Sun has moved into Pisces and the Moon has followed suit asking us t embrace the themes represented by this sign.

See that person over there. The one with the dreamy glint in their eye. The one doodling in their notebook. The one humming a tune they created on a whim in their head. Ya, that's Pisces. Known to be creative, Pisces can be found at any given time coming up with song lyrics in their head and dancing to their own tune. Show them a video of a puppy, a kitten, a llama and they will turn on the waterworks with all the compassion in their hearts often overflowing for those around them, especially those they care for. Pisces cares. Though their dreamy stare can sometime indicate detachment, trust me, they are connected to everything and all around them.

Pisces is the dreamer, the mystic and is associated with spirituality. The 12th house where this sign resides motes it to be. Lets be clear, Pisces is spiritual. Not Religious. Think that soul connection to source we all feel from time to time. This house represents that. The universal connection to the energy around us is seen here, with this sign. The 12th house also holds the downtrodden cast aways of society, that which is hidden from us, and our own self undoing. Often it is because certain traits and themes are stowed away in the 12 house we are unaware of them, and thus they become our own self-undoing. This is the house of bad habits. The house of addictions. The art of being aware is not a trait found here in the sign of Pisces. Check out Aries if your are looking for that.

This sign and the 12th house is not all doom and gloom however. Selfless, compassionate love is seen here. The art of doing good for others. The art of being a servant is seen here. Pisces, with their bleeding heart, gives all of themselves to good causes at their best. At their worst, they attempt to escape their bleeding heart with drugs, drink, or simply sleeping life away. Pisces loves to sleep. This sign rules dreams and the subconscious mind. During Pisces transits you can connect with your subconscious most readily accessing answers to questions you didn't know you had. These transits are a great time for meditation or dream journaling because of this. Intuition is found here as well. When we choose to tap in and go deep, as Pisces asks, we can find the secrets lying in our soul.

Ok, ok so lets get into this New Moon on February 20th in this dreamy sign. This new Moon will be rather sweet, I imagine. The emotional Moon is happy in this compassionate sign. We may all shed a tear or two when Pisces is visited by the Sun and Moon. We may see the point of view of others around us more clearly and empathize more readily. The only hinderance I see is Saturn sitting within 3 degrees of this Moon. Saturn is slow moving and has blocking energy. If interested in using this creative energy to start a new project as we often are encouraged to do with New Moons, you may find some blocks to accessing the imaginative vibes of this Moon. So It may not be the time just yet to start such projects. It is however a good time to come up with a disciplined, step by step plan for success. Saturn loves him some D. That D is for DISCIPLINE. Emotions may not be as free flowing now as we would expect with this Pisces energy and it will be hard to deny the pull to hold back. With Neptune and Venus in Pisces as well, the creative flow will come as the day goes on and the Moon moves closer to these two planets and away from Saturn's strict hold.

Some key ideas for the New Moon: Look at how you handle your emotions and the emotions of others. Can you gain some new perspective here to allow yourself to react to the needs of others AND YOURSELF with compassion and love. Allow yourself to lay in bed a little and dream. Self-love can include rest and the time to reset. Pisces season is about remembering to approach yourself with the compassion you give to friends, family, and your puppy. Go on give yourself some puppy love!

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