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Pisces Full Moon The art of Diving Deep

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. It is said that they posses a part of each of the zodiac signs, making them wise, deep, and often overloaded. Pisces has emotions and they want you to know it. If you ever want to anger a Pisces, disregard how they feel. Then they will stop the crying and start the arguing. Pisces feels deep and they embrace their emptions instead of running from them like the other two water signs. Cancer is the baby of the water signs. They often hide their feelings and at times blame others for them. Scorpio pretends they do not have emotions at all. Tough, defensive, and stoic, Scorpio has mastered the art of holding it all in. Not Pisces. Nope they see a dog. They cry. They see a baby cry. They cry. At a wedding. They cry. At a Funeral. They cry. You get it, they are in tune with their feelings and fear is never a thing when it comes to expressing them. This Full Moon will hold this kind of deeply intense emotion within its glowing light, making us all likely act a damn fool.

Why? Why would we all act a fool under this Full Moon? Well most of us don't handle emotions like a skilled Pisces. We fail to acknowledge them till its too late. this leads to resentment. Then we explode or continue to hold. Humans in general are not always so well equipped to handle, feel, and deal with our emotions, and man, does that lead to so me messed up shit for us.

This Full Moon, rip a page from Pisces handbook of feelings. Take time to examine what's going on in your heart. Allow yourself to feel, cry and maybe even scream to the universe what you feel deep inside. Take time to see where you may feel hurt or harmed. Explore what you can do to let that resentment go. Pisces is also a healing sign. With the Sun in Virgo the helper and the Moon in Pisces the healer, take time to heal past trauma. Go to your therapist, consult a friend, or journal out the pain in your heart. Sometimes just talking about it, acknowledging the hurt, is enough to begin healing.

Pisces is also super creative. It is a good time to express yourself creatively. We all become a bit of an artist at this Pisces Full Moon. Give yourself permission to color outside the lines. Pisces, the opposite of Virgo is not organized, they live in a bit of chaos. Ruled by Mercury Virgo lives in their always turbulent head. Neptune, Pisces ruling planet, allows them to live deep in their sweet, ever feeling heart.

This Full Moon is not going to be super easy or breezy and there definitely is no lemon squeezy. There is a tense angle of Moon to Mars in Gemini. Please keep your mouth closed when feeling these deep stirrings in your heart. I know we all may feel the need to express what we feel right now, but Mars will make certain it comes out wrong, aggressive, and way too blunt for all our sensitive little heads right now. Arguments can be expected at any Full Moon. This one though, almost demands an argument or two. Pay attention to what you're feeling and how you say it. All of our sensitivity antennae are perked up right now putting us a tad on guard.

Lastly, pay attention to your dreams and what they are showing you. This Full Moon is linked up with Neptune also in Pisces. Pisces and Neptune rule over the deep 12th house. Our unconscious/subconscious minds are activated and firing on all cylinders. Pay attention to your gut and intuition. Let it guide you through the days ahead.

Knowing where Pisces sits in your birth chart will give you a better understanding of how this Full Moon will effect you. Contact me for a Birth Chart Reading at rachellovesastrology@gmailcom. Mention this article for 20$ off!

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