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November 2023 Astrology

As we leave behind eclipse season, we enter November and overall, this Month is not too shabby. We have a Scorpio Stellium in the sky now, and the focus there is on looking inward and working with our inner demons to become better. Many of us have seen some changes and revelations with the recent eclipses in Libra and Taurus. These signs are ruled by Venus and themes of love and creativity were on our minds last month. Learning to deal with these endings and how to move on can be a theme in November.

Saturn in Pisces moves out of Retrograde 11/2/23. Saturn was in Retrograde since June 17th, 2023. Taking some time to review your time since June and some themes that may have caused you some struggles in your life is smart now. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work. You can see improvements if you took time to make the necessary changes that Saturn begs you to make. If you ignored the lessons Saturn wanted you to master during Retrograde, those themes can continue to bring you troubles in the months ahead. In Pisces, this sign and its opposing sign Virgo may have felt the heat more than others. You may see a considerable lessoning of your responsibilities now. Or you can see projects, goals, and plans move full force ahead with increased seriousness and responsibility now. Knowing where Saturn is in your personal birth Chart will help give you some clarity on what Saturn is saying to you.

November 8th, we see Venus enter Libra, it’s sign of ownership. I think whatever took place during the New Moon Eclipse in Libra for us all, can be enhanced in the month ahead. Libra is the sign of partnership and is focused on finding balance in relationships as well as in life in general. Those with Venus in Libra in their Birth Chart or any Libra placements can feel a little boost with this pleasant, loving planet in their sign. This can be a time or renewed creativity for many when you may just need it most.

November 10th Mercury moves ahead into Sagittarius. This feisty placement can be exciting and full of energy. Those who have it think quickly and talk a lot! They can be prone to opening their mouth and inserting their foot on the regular. The mental energy at this time will be sassy, full of zest and life. Communications can be blunt and honest. It is a good time to learn and explore something new!

There is a New Moon in Scorpio on November 13th. This can inspire some sexy and sensual ideas that can help build intimacy with others. If you have been struggling to spice it up with your lover, along with Mars still in Scorpio, now is the time to do it! This new Moon can allow us also to get to know ourselves more deeply and bring about some new ideas on who we truly are deep inside. Sometimes you must get a little uncomfortable to find your truth.

November 22nd The Sun enters Sagittarius and we all feel a need for an adventure. Sag is interested in exploration of any kind. They are spiritual and interested in new philosophies. They are great teachers and it is a good time to learn something from others. Sagittarius asks us to be passionate about something that can improve us and the world around us. Sagittarius also asks us to get cozy with our truth and express it to others. Happy Birthday Sag!!

Mars follows the Sun very closely into Sagittarius on November 24th and the passion can be palpable. In Sagittarius Mars is excitable, sassy, and embraces new situations. Mars in Sag has a very hard time sitting still. This placement will have us all fidgeting and feeling the need to move! Use this energy to learn something new or to do some decorating for fall. It is also a great time to get physical and start a new exercise routine.

November 27th the Full Moon in Gemini will have us all mentally stimulated. We could all be wishing to schmooze with others getting to know new people. It is a good time to say the things you need to say, but it can be a time when we must choose our words wisely. It will be all too easy to be impulsive at this time with Mars in Sag opposing this Full Moon. Think before you do. Speak only when you have thought it through. It can be a good time for short distance travel and to link up with your siblings and besties during this almost Thanksgiving Day Full Moon!

What is great is as we make it to the end of November the heavy, dragging, and sluggish energy of the months behind us will have lightened up. There are only 3 planets retrograde still moving backwards as opposed to the 5-6 we have had since August. We will see Neptune and Jupiter turn direct in December, allowing us to enter the new year with all planets except Uranus moving forward. Yes, Mercury does go Retrograde for the Christmas holiday. Yes, this sucks! You may want to complete your Holiday shopping before December 13th! Fair warning.

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