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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

There is a Solar Eclipse occurring in the deep and dark sign Scorpio on 10/25/22. We all know watching a solar eclipse is pretty cool, but astrologically they pack a punch! Any time Scorpio is involved we dive deep. Be sure to come up for air at sometime as the emotions involved here can be smothering.

A New Moon often can be felt subtly and brings new beginnings. They are a great time for planning new adventures and projects. They are not usually as potent as a Full Moon that often stir deep emotions. When New Moons occur when the Moon and Sun are at the same point in the same sign. We can get a double dose of that signs energy at the time. When a Full Moon occurs, the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs. This can cause tension. friction, and at times eruptions of emotion. A Solar Eclipse can bring this similar Full Moon energy during a New Moon.

This Solar Eclipse in Scorpio has Venus sandwiched in between the Moon and Sun. Thus our love lives and creativity may be some issues we deal with now. Scorpio is a water sign, that I believe brings some fire in its waves. Ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars, Scorpio is intense, dark and transformation is its thing. Scorpio rules the 8th house and deals with themes of our secrets, the occult, death and dying, endings, other peoples finances, inheritance and paying taxes. Issues with these themes can be magnified at this time.

I see this Solar Eclipse forcing us to look at our intimacy level. How do you approach intimacy in love? Are you vulnerable enough? If searching for love, are you really open to receiving the love you so desire or are you guarded and defensive when someone challenges your boundaries? Another theme I see here are emotions related to past trauma. Take some time to examine how, perhaps subconsciously your trauma keeps you from loving yourself and giving love to others. Pay attention to your dreams. Scorpio and the 8th house rule our subconscious desires. Our intuition will be heightened now so also, as always, listen to your gut!

I can help guide you with a natal chart reading to learn more about Scorpio in your chart!!

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