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New Moon in Libra: Time for Balance

There is a New Moon in Libra on September 25th. Libra is the second air sign of the Zodiac and represents finding balance. Funny thing is Libras hate choosing. They often sugar coat the bad and grind their teeth before speaking out, because they hate conflict. Libra is the sign of partnership and to keep those they love near they often compromise their own feelings to make others happy. That's great an all. Till it's not. Libra must learn over time to speak up for what they want or they will never truly be happy. Then they can blame others for this, but it is only their doing. Libra can be a pleasant companion but they need a considerate partner.

Ruled by Venus Libra is quite creative. You may feel inspired out of the blue. Go with it. Write it down. Grab the pen and paper. Hit that canvas with some paint! You may also be fashion focused on your looks now. It is a good time for a make over and also a good time to pamper yourself. Buy the shoes. Venus begs it! This New Moon asks us where in our lives do we need to see more than the bright side? Where do we need balance? Is there more light than dark or more Yin than Yang? Take time to evaluate where you may feel off kilter and come up with a game plan for happiness.

Love and partnership may be a focus at this time, leading to you reevaluating your closest partnerships. Is your girl ignoring your needs and you are unhappy? Come up with a solution to address it. Is your business partner disregarding your project plans? Address it gently. Carefully. As Libra approaches things. This is not the time to ruffle feathers. It is a time for realizations and for paying attention.

The good: Time for balance, pleasing conversations with partners, creative endeavors are enhanced, fashion and style can be on point.

The bad: Putting your needs on the shelf to avoid conflict, difficulty choosing, confusion on life direction, using your social life as a distraction.

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