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Mercury Retrograde Throwing all the Shade!

April 21st through May 14th Mercury goes Retrograde in Taurus. I thought I would take the time to do a write up for WTF that means for us all! Reading for your Rising sign may have the most accurate reading. You can check out your Sun and Moon sign though just so you don't miss out!

Aries: Your impulsive spending is catching up to you these days with a 2nd house placement this Mercury Retrograde! Your finances can take a hit now and how much you have been spending may cause some tension. Watching your accounts is a must. Paying off the final bills from your last shopping spree may be a focus for you now. Be sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s financially this month and a half as unexpected bills can arise. Coming up with a new budget and sticking to it is necessary now. With your plan in place, you can now rest assure that your wallet is secure.

Taurus: Mercury will be Retrograde in your sign, in your 1st house and will will have you questioning what you forgot and what you missed as mixed messages can cause confusion. This is not a good time to spend money on beautification or makeovers for you. Save it for another time as what you see may not be what you get. You may be questioning how you are seen by others and getting mixed signals from others and this can F with your self esteem. You are a bad bitch all around Taurus birthday girl or boy! Unfortunately your birthday gift is that you will especially be effected with this Retrograde in your sign.

Gemini: Mercury is your ruling planet, so Mercury Retrograde hits different for you! The part of your chart ruling the unconscious, subconscious, and sleep, the 12th house, is lit up by this Mercury Retrograde. I can imagine the often-present hurricane in your head rarely stops these days. Only now your waking mind is getting things mixed up with your dreams you had the night before. The two are nearly inseparable these days. You may be struggling with insomnia and brain fog like woah! Do yourself a favor and write those dreams, visions, and ideas down. You wont regret it. Listen to your gut, slow down, and be careful what and who you put your trust in with this planet retrograde in your house of hidden enemies.

Cancer: Mercury goes Retrograde in your social area of your chart, the 11th house, so you may see plans get mixed up or dropped with friends in the month ahead. If you get mad, take a damn breath and communicate as calmly as you can. Don't cry or lose friends over spilled milk! Instead of pouting over what you think your friends said, take some time and have a conversation with them to get the mixed signals straightened out. Remember, homebody Cancer, Mercury in retrograde is not an excuse to stay home after May 14th!

Leo: Work hard, play hard, and now redo all the work you did again! Mercury will go Retrograde in your 10th house of career and reputation and will lead to mix ups on the job causing miscommunications and confusion. Watch how you communicate when frustrated with those in power or even your coworkers in the month ahead. Don't lose your temper around those you spend 8 hours a day with. Double and triple check your emails before sending. You are apt to sent the wrong thing to the wrong person. Furthermore, it is not a good time to get a new job now. It will not be what is seems in the description. Wait till after May 14th to submit those resumes.

Virgo: Lately you have been buried in books, blogs, and banter searching for what makes your soul complete. It’s not hidden in the couch cushions; Virgo, stop cleaning them and focus! Your spiritual beliefs have been a conundrum for you. You have been searching and now things may seem more mixed up than ever for you as Mercury Retrogrades in your 9th house of spiritual beliefs. You will see some challenges in what you are trying to learn and what you teach others. If in school, projects can get lost or erased. Save your homework and paperwork on two drives not just one!

Libra: With your 8th house highlighted this Mercury Retrograde, You may be seeing some issues with your taxes as other people's money is highlighter. Make sure you pay any tax bills on time or Uncle Sam will come at you bro! If expecting a check from a law suit settlement it may get delayed. So can any payments from any inheritances you are due. If you are in a relationship, you may be working through some concerns with your partner is being honest with you as trust issues can be stirred by this retrograde. Mixed signals can be all in your head when Mercury is playing tricks. Make sure not to be too hasty with those close to you now.

Scorpio: Trouble in paradise may be a real thing now as Mercury backspins in your 7th house of partnership. Mercury Retrograde will be causing some issues specifically with your lover and you. Don’t say it unless you mean it and make sure you are clear when talking about important issues. There will be miscommunications with partners and that can be with work partners also. Careful communication at your place of work will be of great necessity now also. Finding harmony may be a calm conversation away. Planning a marriage during Retrograde is uber risky, so it is not advised! If you are not married or boo'd up dating can be some unstable territory now. If you have tough dates now, don't let it put you off from finding love. Things will get better after the Retrograde. Also don't let these bad connections force you back into an old lovers arms from your past. They are in the past for the reason. Keep your life jacket on though as the boat will be easily rocked until May 14th.

Sagittarius: Mercury will go Retrograde in your 6th house and you will need to be on your game at work and with your health. There can be some mix ups in these areas so be sure to communicate clearly and write down dates correct for appointments. Don't skip the important ones and watch for warning signs. It is not the best time to start a new exercise routine, but you can start planning one. Joining a gym may also result in hidden fees you didn't expect. You may find chores increase and new projects at work double. Slow and steady wins the race. It can’t always be new adventures and fun!

Capricorn: As Mercury goes Retrograde in your 5th house of romance, creativity, and children. Dates you plan to go on now can turn sour or not be with the person you though you were to meet! You will need to be careful how you communicate with your children, if you have them. If you do not have children, you can see issues with creative blocks and being unable to accurately express yourself. Don’t rush creative projects now. Go through what you do create with a fine tooth comb for mistakes. You may get some criticism you interpret wrong. Don't throw throw your project out the window yet. Take time and revise it. After May 14th things will come together.

Aquarius: Mercury will Retrograde in your 4th house of home, family, and the relationship with your mother. You may have some disagreements and misunderstandings with Mom and your family right now. Make sure you explain your thoughts clearly and calmly to Mom and anyone in your family with a chip on their shoulder. Take it easy and allow yourself time to rest. Expect delays in home renovations, broken appliances, and issues with contracts. Use your quick wit to think outside the box in the meanwhile for brilliant solutions to problems. If you need to hire a contractor to get the job done in your house, make sure they are highly trustworthy. I know you would do the renovations and fixes all by yourself if you could. You can’t do it all! Well not all the time.

Pisces: Mercury will go Retrograde in your 3rd house that is ruled by Mercury, making this Retrograde extra Retrogrady! You may see some communication issues with your siblings and some possible issues with travel. Get your car tuned up before this time. Don’t purchase any new appliances, computers, or a new car for that matter. Double check any emails you send. Your communication will be challenged especially during this retrograde. If planning a trip check your itinerary thrice or you may be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Assure your mapped route is correct and expect construction and delays on the way. Take care talking with your siblings now. If issues arise don't allow outbursts of emotion to get the best of you. You can also see long lost siblings contact you out of the blue!

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