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Mercury Retrograde is over!

Mercury Retrograde is over. Now what? We all likely struggled a bit during this retrograde period in Libra and then Virgo. We may have had some revelations in out partnerships and loved lives. You may have questioned if your current day to day routine is still working for you and thus, come up with some possible solutions to make thins work better. This is what Virgo does. So as things were falling apart Virgo whispers in your ear, do it this way instead. If you were to listen to this whisper, you may come out of this Retrograde better off. When a Retrograde period comes to an end we all want to move forward and let it all go. Not so fast.

Retrograde shadow periods are a thing. A Retrograde shadow period is seen the two weeks before a Retrograde and two weeks after. This means you can feel the Retrograde coming with miscommunications happening before Mercury begins to officially move in backward motion. It can be like walking through mud if you aren't patient during the two weeks after a Mercury Retrograde.

Move carefully now. Don't expect things to return to "normal " or for your dreams to come true just yet. It is a good time to reflect on what themes this Retrograde brought forward for you. If there were some things you were called to work on, continue this work now. We are meant to learn from these periods of Retrograde. These times ask us to evaluate different areas of our life and work on them. Depending on where Virgo and Libra sit in your chart, the themes will be evident in these areas. For myself, this Retrograde hit my communication area or 3rd house and the 4th house of home, emotions, and family. Were arguments a thing? Yes. Do I have some work to do after living through this. Yes. All of us should take some time to figure out what is asked of us during Mercury Retrograde periods. We are meant to learn from these difficult times.

October will be filled with feelings of my load got a little lighter. We see 3/6 planets move from Retrograde to forward motion. As Mercury moves forward communication, technology, and transportation issues begin to clear up. Pluto moves forward 10/8/22in Capricorn and we will see some of our deep and dark emotions, fears, and worries float to the surface and perhaps float away. That is if you put in the work. Pluto sits in on single house of our charts for most of our lives. The area Pluto is stirring its way through is an area of tremendous transformation for each of us. I think Pluto moving forward will bring a relief in our issues with Oil and gasoline in the months following Pluto Retrograde. Subconscious downloads will come to us collectively and many may be called to spiritual work here in the months ahead.

Saturn moves forward in Aquarius on 10/23/22. The planet of life lessons has brought restrictions to the rebellious sign Aquarius before, during, and after this retrograde, this theme continues. When moving forward again we may feel less burdened by the are of life Saturn sits in and more empowered than ever. I think we will continue to see the restrictions Covid placed upon society lighten. Regardless, as this planet moves forward we all need to take a long look at how we handle the responsibility we carry in life. Life is after all, a learning lesson.

Moving towards the end of the year we will have a lightened feeling as almost all the planets in Retrograde move forward. Where you feel sluggish, things will begin to move. Are you ready for it?
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