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Mercury Retrograde...Again!

Here we go again. It feels as if Mercury just came out of its backspin, yet here we are again. From December 29th ill January 18th, we will be ringing in the New year with Mercury looking backwards in the Sign of the Season Capricorn.

If you have been reading along with me, then you know the energy right now is Capricornian. Capricorn is the work oriented, money making, bad ass of the Zodiac. Capricorn is an Earth sign and Airy Mercury is not super happy placed in this sign. However, Mercury is the thinker of the zodiac. Mercury in the strict sign of Capricorn brings our thoughts into focus. When Mercury takes us on a second trip backwards through this sign, this is a time to take a look at your goals for the new year as well as to evaluate your work ethic in the past year. Have you achieved what you desired? Have you lived up to your own expectations? If you haven't, you are in luck because everyone knows the new year brings a new opportunity to step it up!

Mercury is very close to Venus at this time and this will bring conscious though, if not over thinking to your love life. As Mercury moves backwards past Venus, its kind of like hitting rewind on our love lives in 2022. Look back, think twice, but don't entertain lovers that come back from your past at this time. During Mercury Retrograde periods it is not a good time to rekindle relationships, as the rekindling can often be short lived. Learn from your mistakes. Set standards for yourself in the new year and let go of what needs to be dropped.

Expect the typical brain fog, forgetfulness, computer glitches, and transportation difficulties. Mercury rules over these things and they get a little sketchy during all retrogrades. Keep an eye on the details at work especially. Watch for silly mistakes that could have easily been avoided. It is not a good time for business proposals or signing contracts. Wait till after January 18th to initiate these types of deals. Mercury Retrogrades bring about bumps in the road. This is a message to take it slow right now and don't force things that just don't seem to come together. Mars is also in Retrograde until January 12th. Once these two planets move forward again, it will be full force ahead!

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