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Mercury goes Retrograde in Virgo!

Ahh here we go again!

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo August 23rd-September 15th. As Mercury begins it’s back spin, we see it within 4 degrees of sassy Mars. This conjunction, as it is called can cause our words to get a lil heated and try as we may to play nice, we may see ourselves regretting our words. This retrograde is hot out the gates. Get ready for the typical hang ups; electronics breaking, e-mail fails, and transportation issues. Mars getting involved, can cause issues with our tempers getting heated. Our expression can be ore passionate than usual and we can be more impulsive than we usually are. There are 4 other planets retrograde as Mercury follows along Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. The message here is that it is time to turn inward. Do not expect plans put together now to go easy or happen how you expect. It is time to slow down, take it easy and reflect on what you want. Patience is a virtue we all don’t always have, but need to learn! Here is what is in store for each sign.

Aries: You may see hang ups happening in your place of work. Double check your emails you are sending and be careful how you express your already impulsive self. You can see your chores double and when you lose your temper, how you communicate your feelings will get you in trouble. You can mix up any appointments you have for your health. Write them down in two places not one! You can also see mix ups with your appointments for your pets.

Taurus: You can see problems arise with any creative projects you have been working on. Oh, you thought you would get that project done? Think again! You may have some writers block if you are a writer or just simply find yourself uninspired. Check yourself before you wreck yourself when it comes to your romantic life now. The dating apps you try can go haywire! You may have some rather unappealing dates especially with Venus also retrograde now. It’s time to look within and search for what you deserve in love before setting out to get it. Give yourself some self-love now until after September 15th when you van give your big heart to a someone very lucky without glitches. If an ex has been on your mind, or comes back into your life now, it may be temporary or too damn good to be true. They’re your ex for a reason.

Gemini: You are often more affected by Mercury retrograde, as this is your natural ruling planet. You can see some communication issues with your family and mother right now. Be careful what you say as you just may regret it. Choose your words carefully. You can see household electronics break or malfunction. Hopefully you have signed up for the warranty. Any renovations or decorations you do with your home now could not end up how you wanted. Choose carefully who you let work on your home right now. It is also not the time to sign contracts for renovations or to buy a new home.

Cancer: This retrograde will take place in your 3rd house of communication and short distance travel. You may see delays for any trip you are planning. Leaving early is your best bet for getting anywhere on time right now. Drive carefully as the 3rd house rules transportation and car accidents can happen at this time. You may get your car inspected and find you have some repairs to make. Be careful who you choose to repair your car now. You can also see any previous work done on your car break and need repaired again! Watch what you say on social media as you may put things the wrong way. Your usual Cancer intuition with what you communicate to others can be off right now. If you have siblings, there can be arguments and disagreements with them now you may need to smooth over at a later time.

Leo: Your money and finances can be an issue now as Mercury brings about hidden charges, fees, and financial challenges. It is a good time to plan a new budget but wait to actually to implement it until Mercury Retrograde is over. You may regret any investments you make now as Mercury is retrograde. You can see some hiccups with any promotions, or raises you were expecting. Be patient, the mix up will eventually be righted and you will see the money you deserve. Be careful of buying things online from new companies you may not fully trust. This shit can get sketchy.

Virgo: With this Mercury retrograde in your sign, you will feel this heavily. You are ruled naturally by Mercury so Mercury retrogrades do often affect you. This one can be bumpy. Expect draw backs, hang ups, and traffic jams with any project you wish to work on. It is not a particularly favorable time for trying anything new with your beauty regimen, especially dying your hair or getting work done. It is also specifically not a good time for you to take any risks with your health or to get surgery. Be careful what you say to others, more so than usual. You are going to feel most upside down during this retrograde, so be kind to yourself and take it easy! Note with Mars close to this Retrograde in your sign, you may feel particularly frustrated, agitated, and even aggressive now. So unlike your usually cool nature. Use the energy to clean your house or go for a walk instead of popping off!

Libra: This Mercury retrograde will take place in your 12th house of dreams, and subconscious thoughts. You may see mentally you don’t feel as clear as you usually are. You may see your intuition turning up foggy. Your meditations can not hit the same right now, so have some patience with yourself. This is also the house of hidden enemies. What this means is people did you wrong in the past can resurface and rub you the wrong way all over again. You are normally not the best with putting up boundaries, so now this struggle can be even more real for you. Unfortunately, this is the universe testing you to help you learn to say NO. It is also a reminder that though someone did you wrong, you can’t hate them forever. It is a time to get some closure, give some forgiveness, and move on with your life.

Scorpio: This Mercury retrograde will hit your house of friendships and social interactions. You may see some truths come to the surface about friends you thought you could trust, yet it is best you place that trust somewhere else. Pay attention to what you hear now as it is likely true. Go with your gut. I don’t need to tell you that, as you normally do! Choose your words wisely as you have the usual deep conversations that flow nicely for you. They can turn turbulent with one word now. You may see past disagreements come up that you thought had been hashed out. Go over them again and it can be a great time to gain clarity and get closure. If what your friend did cannot be forgiven, forget that friendship! Next!

Sagittarius: You may need to bite your tongue with your boss now as your career could see some changes. You may see old projects come back to haunt you if they were not done with the perfection that was required. You can see arguments and disagreements with your coworkers also which make you rather uncomfortable. Always up for a good argument, I advise against following that instinct now Sag! Make sure you don’t send emails to the wrong person, be assured if you are having a private conversation in the break room, that no one can hear. I know you can be loud! It is not a great time to sign the papers for a new job or to start a new job. It will not be what it seems. Hang on and push to have your start date after September 15th!

Capricorn: You can be looking into moving full force ahead into your next school semester now. Be sure your loans are set and all the papers are in order. It is possible that things can get tangled up for you. You can see issues with dates getting missed for deadlines with class, or if you are teaching a class, make sure you have all the details right! You can see any long-distance travel get mixed up or delayed right now. Have a plan B and C.

Aquarius: Your 8th house of intimacy, sex, mental health, and spirituality will be mixed up by this Mercury retrograde. It is not the best time to expect mental clarity if working on your mental health. You may very well feel as if the work you have done and progress you have made is all for nothing. You can have some mental health issues now. Pay attention to your needs. See a therapist if needed. You can find your gut instinct is not as on point as it usually can be for you. Sexually you can be on fire now with Mars in your 8th house. You may feel desire you haven’t felt in quite some time. As Mercury goes Retrograde though you may see some hiccups with any experimenting you try. Watch for overall health, health and fertility issues now also.

Pisces: With Saturn and Neptune currently retrograde in your sign, you may be feeling slow downs left and right. Mercury opposite your sign will add some frustration to the mix. You may see an increased intensity in the typical Mercury retrograde BS. Communication issues can run rampant for you, especially with your partner as this retrograde will hit your 7th house. It is not a good time for joining a dating app or for dating in general. It is a good time to reflect on what you deserve and make sure to not settle for less. You are not good at boundaries, but if an ex resurfaces now, do not take their sorry ass back! What they say, will not be true. What they propose will not happen.

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