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Mars Enters Gemini

Let’s talk about Mars. Mars is the planet representing our drives, sex, our anger, and our motivation. The red planet rules Scorpio and Aries and is a power house. This planet brings passion to the table and excitement is the language Mars speaks in your birth chart. Mars moves into light hearted Gemini today and will remain there for an extended stay for 8 months. This is due to Mars going retrograde in October. When Mars goes retrograde our motivation can dwindle and our energy levels tank. These next few months will be a little bit of a roller coaster ride.
Gemini is spontaneous, witty, chatty, and of course is the sign ruling communication. When hot headed Mars slams into this sign we can see an increase in heated debates. Words can be used as weapons we all know. Mars is impatient and impulsive and so is Gemini. Mars in Gemini can get our gears turning on an intellectual level leading to some great and unique ideas. The desire for sharing these ideas with others can be inescapable and with this increase in passionate communication, we can see some feathers ruffled. Mars in Gemini can also reveal a source of great inspiration.
Gemini rules the mouth, throat, arms, and hands. I often say when Mars is in Gemini in someone’s birth chart, this is the tinkering Mars. The owner of this placement is always fidgeting, and working on something with their hands. They can create great art or fix things with great enthusiasm. They are as good with their words as they are with their hands. They can be smooth talkers who know just what to say and when to say it. Mars in Gemini can also be a boaster and a bull shitter not knowing when to shut up. We must choose our words carefully when Mars is transiting Gemini, something Gemini does not do well. Gemini often opens their mouth and inserts their foot. Especially when Mars is encouraging such impulsive action.
The Good: Increased sharing of ideas, exciting communication with friends and siblings, desire to learn something new, reading a few good books perhaps at the same time, a good time for short trips.
The Bad: an increase in arguments, not knowing when to be quiet, zero filter, increased restless energy.

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