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March Astrology Vibes 2024

It is still Pisces season and we are all splish splashing through the complexity of this water sign. Things will lighten up and get shaken up as March moves forward.

On 3/9/24 Mercury enters Aries. Those who have Mercury in Aries in their birth chart know, this fire sign is head strong and relentless when it comes to getting what they want. Mercury in this sign is competitive and likes a good challenge. Here Mercury’s mental energy can be released best in a physical way. Aries Mercury benefits from frequent exercise and playing sports. They likely excel at these activities also! We all will feel this shift in the form of racing thoughts or anxious energy. Use this energy to crush goals and get active!

A wild transit will hit us square in the gut on 3/9/24 as well. Mars in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus leading to some fatigue and drained energy. We all may battle the desire to solve all our problems but feel more inclined to relax in bed. Pay attention to AH HA moments now! Energy levels and reserves can be unpredictable now. Expect the unexpected with this transit. The pathway to success can be unclear now. Take time to be patient when going after your goals.

On 3/10/24, the New Moon at 20 degrees of Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus. This New Moon will be a time to get creative with goals and think outside of the box. What you thought was possible is only the tip of the iceberg. Dream now and dream big!  This is a great time to let your imagination run wild and set new goals for the month ahead! This New Moon is also conjunct dreamy Neptune. The use of spiritual and mystical practices to enhance your intuition can be beneficial now. You may want to let your lazy bone win and lounge on the couch and daydream! These daydreams can easily be turned into manifestations at this time.

3/11/24 Venus enters creative Pisces bringing an increased desire to express yourself creatively. Those with this placement in their birth chart get a beauty boost! It is a nice time to use the creativity pf Pisces to get a makeover for us all!  Boundaries can be blurry at this time and love can be viewed through rose-colored glasses. IT can be a good time to get carried away in love. We will all need to guard against overindulgence now. Social interactions will be heartfelt and compassionate.

3/19/24 The Sun enters Aries! Happy Birthday Aries! Spring has Sprung! Aries is bold, hard headed, competitive, and wears their heart on their sleeve. If Aries likes you, you will know. If they don’t you will also know. This sign is passionate and hot headed. It is a time to take a page from the book of Aries and be honest and blunt about what we want and what we like!

3/22/4 Mars enters Pisces increasing the desire to get creative and this can be in the bedroom! This is the placement of the social worker, the therapist, and the Nurses of the zodiac. Those with Mars in Pisces want to heal the world, often forgetting to turn that healing energy on themselves. Their immense passion for helping others is unmatched. Sexually Mars in Pisces wants a soul bond but can have a hard time defining what that means to them. Boundaries are not made of concrete with Mars in Pisces, more like sand!

Going out with a bang, the first Full Moon Eclipse of the year pops off in Libra on 3/25/24. Our relationships could bring us all some excitement or some disappointment as we examine them. Finding balance between what you need and what you give to others is highlighted now. How can you improve your ability to love yourself now? What can you do to share your love more clearly with those you care about? It is a good time to open your heart to move forward with a new relationship. It is also a good time to realize if it is time to let go of an old and draining one. Use this Lunar Eclipse to manifest what you need in your love life!

Get your ducks in a row April 1st will bring a big April fool’s day joke with Mercury moving into Retrograde in Aries! 


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