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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 10/28/23

This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 10/28/23 will be significant. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons on steroids. The energy is potent and heavy. With Taurus involved, this Full Moon Eclipse will revolve around our money, security, values, and what we do to feel comfort. Taurus is a sign very likely to oversleep and to overindulge. Around this Eclipse, we will all need to be mindful of the ways we overindulge. We may be prone to overspending and overeating! That which we do to feel comfort and to feel secure will be highlighted. We will all want to watch our budgets and it is a good time to get spending in check. It is possible a promotion or raise could be in the stars right now for some. It is also a good time to put your deep feelings towards something creative. Taurus is ruled by Venus after all, the planet of creative energy. Taking time to appreciate the sensual things in life is highlighted now with Taurus involved.

There is a lot going on in the skies at this Full Moon! There is a T-Square including the Full Moon Eclipse, Pluto, and the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Scorpio. With the Full Moon making a tense square to Pluto, the planet of transformation, many will feel the need for change. This can be changes that we may have been reluctant to make but will definitively need to make around this Eclipse. This is a good time to meditate and journal about your deep feelings that will come. The Full Moon Eclipse will be conjunct, or close to Jupiter. Some of us, particularly Taurus will get some lucky news! This can be a time to reach your goals and dream big. This Full Moon Eclipse also is opposing both Mars and Mercury. I think this can add to the tension in the air. We all may feel extra anxious around this Lunar Eclipse, potentially for no reason at all. This is also a good time to get motivated with Mars driving you forward to solve your problems! It can also be a time of anger and agitation for many. Tread carefully and speak with kindness. Even if this takes extra effort!

Looking back to the last Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th can help us all sort through the themes in our lives that need tending to. Eclipses occur 6 months apart and often one gets the wheels turning, and the other resolves the issues at hand. This Eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio deals with having our needs met both on a very base level and on a higher spiritual level. Taurus asks what do you need to do to be more financially stable? How can you contribute to your life to feel more secure?

Here is what this Eclipse will bring for all 12 signs:

Aries: This Full Moon Eclipse will highlight your finances. You may be prone to emotional purchases at this time. Be careful of overspending. You also will need to guard against overindulging in comfort foods or in mind altering substances. It is a good time to come up with a new budget and to evaluate your spending.

Taurus: This Lunar Eclipse hits your sign the hardest. It will have you looking at how you are viewed in the eyes of others and perhaps wishing to change this. You may want to get a makeover, and this is a good time for this for you. It may be wise to take some time and consider if your relationships are fair. Are you giving away too much of your energy on those who do not give back. It is a good time for self-love and to pay attention to how far you have come. It is a time for appreciating what you have achieved and the opposition you have come through in your life. You will likely be quite emotional at this Lunar Eclipse.

Gemini: This Full Moon Eclipse will sit in your 12th house. This is not an easy place for a Lunar Eclipse. You will likely be rather emotional. Pay attention to your gut and your intuition as it will be on point now. Take time to meditate, consult your tarot deck, or start a dream journal. Your dreams may be prophetic at this time. Pay attention as hidden enemies may be revealed to you. There can be some big endings and losses at this time for that significantly impact you.

Cancer: Your 11th house of friendship and social life will be highlighted for you. If you have been holding on too long to some friendships that you are no longer invested in, it is time to let go. You may have some disagreements with your friends that need your attention now. On the other hand, you could meet some new people who can change your life around this time. Your hopes and dreams are at the forefront of your mind and may just come true. Figure out what it is you want most and put your energy into it in the months ahead.

Leo: Your 10th house of career will be lit up by this Lunar Eclipse. Big changes could be coming at work for you. You may change jobs, leave a job, or be on the hunt for a new job. Tensions could rise with coworkers or your supervisor. Be careful not to say something you regret when your temper flares. You could on the other hand, see a promotion or praise coming your way for your hard work.

Virgo: Your 9th house of learning and teaching will be highlighted. You could have some frustrations arise in relation to completing school projects and meeting deadlines. You could feel the need to change up your religious views and explore what this life is all about. Any trips you take now can be life changing.

Libra: You will have some deep revelations around this Lunar Eclipses as it is lighting up your 8th house. You could see some endings that are life changing. Pay attention to your intuition now as you will be deeply connected. It is a good time to consult a spiritual healer for Reiki or a reading now. You will need to guard your health also as issues you have been ignoring will require attention.

Scorpio: You will feel this Lunar Eclipse deeply as it is opposing your sign in your 7th house. If you are unhappy in a partnership, now is the time to let it go. Have the deep discussions to make the changes you need now with a lover or partner. There can be tensions in your love life. It is a good time to do some deep self-reflection on what you need in a partnership. If entering the dating scene, take time to be aware of what you want. It could be time to take the next step if committed, letting go of what your relationship was before and embracing new possibilities.

Sagittarius: Your day-to-day work life will be a focus for you with this Lunar Eclipse sitting in your 6th house. You will need to make sure you are not working yourself into the ground to the point it effects your health. Pay attention to those aches and pains and see a doctor if needed. Your stress level will likely be high at this time. Your job will be full of new responsibilities, and you may feel the work never ends. Watch for burnout. You could get a new pet around this time or deal with issues with the pets you have.

Capricorn: You will be interested in a new creative project or find that one you were working on comes to an end with this Lunar eclipse in your 5th house. You could deal with issues with your children and get into some arguments with them now. You could be offering them help or they may be helping you around this Eclipse. It is a good time to assess your romantic needs and plan a romantic date with your partner. If you are not getting what you need form a lover, they could be eclipsed out of your life.

Aquarius: This Lunar Eclipse will be in your 4th house of family and home life. You may be dealing with emotions regarding your family and your relationship with your mother. You may be helping mom at this time, or she could be helping you. You two may have a disagreement that greatly shakes things up. You could be focused on moving or doing some home renovations. The changes you have been planning on your home, now is the time to do them!

Pisces: You will have some stress revolving around your siblings with this Lunar Eclipse in your 3rd house. You could lend them a hand or plan some time to get together and reminisce. Your sibling’s health can also be a focus for you now and they may you’re your help. You could find you are opening your mouth and inserting your foot at this time, and you will need to be diligent to communicate with care. You will be pushed to say what you mean, and it may not always come out pretty! You could be planning or having problems with planning a short trip at this time. You could be deciding on taking a class or learning something new on your own now.

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