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Libra Season is Coming!

It’s Libra Season!

Libra season arrives on September 23rd and ushers in Autumn along with it. This sign is the sign of partnerships, balance, and harmony. Ruled by Venus, Libra lives life with rose colored glasses. Libra is fun and flirty and can work a room like no other. They are hard not to like and very easy to get along with. Love is very important to this social sign and they may find it if they can choose! Libra hates making decisions and can drive other, more decisive signs absolutely mad! Libra is the 2nd air sign of the zodiac and they are logical and witty like the others. Their jokes are a little less biting than the rest, as they hate confrontation and will do just about anything to avoid an argument. This includes hiding their true self behind a mask they wear to fool others that they are happy. Libra doesn’t want to burden others with their problems or with their requests. They are one sign that can take being not completely happy to make others feel better. It is a lifelong mission for Libra to work on being their authentic selves. If not for having a more self-assured Moon or Rising sign, Libra can lose themselves.

Libra is a Cardinal sign along with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. This means they like to get the job done and if a more decisive Libra, they make a wonderful and fair leader. They are very helpful and often handy, even crafty when they put their minds to it. They hate to see others disrespected and treated unfairly. They will speak up in these situations. Libra is the sign of the law toting the scales of justice as their representation. With Venus as their sign ruler, Libra can tend to be a little superficial. Shiny things make their eyes pop! They prefer to be around pleasant surroundings and people. This sign is full of stars including Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Doja Cat, Eminem, and Halsey. This sign can have a very different persona in public than at home in private. They like to wear masks and put on a persona in the eye of the public. At home they are dialed back a bit and less dramatic.

Libra can get along with almost anyone. They hate unfairness and will clash with more selfish signs. Their opposite sign Aries couldn’t be more different and although this match is fire and air, they likely won’t enjoy each other’s company for long. The other Fire signs can get along well with Libra and spark a passionate exchange. Leo is loyal and that appeals to Libras relationship driven side. Sagittarius can broaden Libra’s horizons, taking them on adventure after adventure. Libra gets along well with chatty air sign Gemini and intellectual Aquarius. They are most alike and can flow well together.

Of the Water signs Cancer can shockingly get along with Libra, but their flirtations may get under Cancer's skin. Both are relationship driven and can have some fun together. Pisces and Libra would get along well, but both can be wishy washy and have a hard time with making decisions. Scorpio will bulldoze over Libra like a construction site.

Of the Earth signs, their sister sign Taurus, also ruled by Venus can vibe well with them. They both have an eye for design and enjoy the finer things in life. Capricorn and Libra have little in common and Capricorn can be too bossy for Libra to handle. Virgo and Libra have been known to get together from time to time, but again Virgo can be bossy at times and Libra my feel the need to hide their true feelings with them. Libra is a good friend to have and can be fun, caring, and loves a good party!

Libra season is a good time to consider your relationships and if they are balanced. Are you giving too much of yourself to others, or are you being too selfish and not giving enough? It is a good time to use your emotions to spark creativity as Venus is the ruler of Libra Season!

Happy Birthday Libra!

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