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Libra Full Moon: Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Libra, the sign of the scales, justice, and we may forget partnerships. This is the Air sign with the most heart. Libra is ruled by Venus and rules over the 7th house. They can't help but love to be loved. With a desire for fairness, compromise, and beauty, Libra is one of the easiest signs to get along with and one of the easiest to love. Libra is the most Water sign like of the Air signs in that they have a soft and flowing nature to them. They are great at solving problems for others with a balanced logic that is enviable. That said, they tend to be indecisive because of their desire to keep things pleasant around them. Their life lesson is to learn not to only fight for the justice of those around them, but for themselves also.

Libra rules marriage and partnerships of any kind. This sign loves having a partner in crime, for sure. They are very drawn to being boo'd up, but as with all Air signs they do have an independent streak that can keep those around them at arms length. This is the battle they face daily, to have a partner, but not be smothered by them. To maintain independence, yet get some snuggle time at the end of the day. This can be a tough balance to find, but luckily balance is Libra's thing. To maintain this independence from their lovers and even the friends they partner with, Libra can skim over the details of how they truly feel. They have heart, but they are not great at being honest about how they feel. Especially when what they feel is in conflict with what those around them want to hear. Libra, the fighter of fairness and truth can at at times bend the truth to keep things harmonious. Their desire for love can at times be at odds with this desire for harmony.

This Full Moon in Libra will ask us to look at our partnerships as Libra always does to see are we speaking our truth? Are we asking for what we need? If not open that mouth because we are not getting any younger. This Full Moon opposite the fast and furious Aries Sun asks us also to look at how we treat others. It asks us to remember to be kind and caring even when asking for what we want. The scales of justice are also highlighted by this Full Moon, and I must point out it sure is interesting the focus has been so heavily on ex President Trump's injustices and court appearances. It is quite possible the bright Libra Full Moon will highlight some truth with this case for him and for us. This Moon is a peaceful, fair, and truth seeking. However with an opposition to Jupiter in Aries conjunct the Sun, those seeking truth may find defensive walls everywhere they turn right now. If you are seeking answers to problems, it is a good Moon to ask for advice from your friends. This is a rather social Full Moon so leaning into dinner with companions is a good call. This is also a creative Full Moon with Venus highlighted, so writing poetry, painting, or designing projects for fun or for professional benefit will be productive. In short examine how you are feelings as every Full Moon asks, and if you can't spill the beans to others, write them in a poem.

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