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Leo Sign Compatability

Every sign is most compatible with other signs and fails to get along with others. Leo is fairly likeable and popular. They tend to be charming, charismatic, and outgoing. As a fire sign they do not shy away from attention. They are generous with those they care about and will spoil them. They can, on the flip side be slightly selfish, bossy when they want something, and blunt. They are great in business and can be wonderful leaders. Below is Leo’s compatibility with each sign.

Aries: Two fire signs! This mix can be hot, hot, hot! The only issue I can see is if you become competitive with each other. Deciding who’s turn it is to take the lead and who will follow will be important here. You are both great leaders and tend to tell it how it is. Being tender and loving with each other whether in a friendship or in love is a lesson to learn. You may lack sensitivity as a fiery and adventurous pair. Overall, these signs understand each other well and speak the same language.

Taurus: As an earth sign, Leo’s fire can burn through Taurus’ land leaving them lost and alone. Taurus is a home body. Leo likes to go out on the town. These signs will have fun shopping together and buying the finer things in life. Wining and dining can turn into fighting in an instant here with Taurus being stubborn and Leo feeling as if always right. If Leo finds a more docile Taurus who is a follower and not a leader, this relationship would be more likely to work out. There will be more push and shove here than playful romps. Next.

Gemini: Fun, flighty, and creative this connection is one of endless excitement. Air and Fire fuel each other. When Leo books a flight to a hot vacation spot, Gemini can roll with the punches. You are both adventurers and love everything fresh, new, and fun. These two will laugh for hours and go dancing through the night. There may be some arguments when Leo is in a great mood and Gemini brings out their other not so happy side when particularly moody. Leo can lack the caring compassion to coach Gemini out of their bad mood. Overall, though, this is a great match!

Cancer: A sensitive water sign, Leo can be too much for Cancer making them pout, cry and meltdown. There is something to this connection though, as I have seen it work for many. If you get a Cancer who is more adventurous and into excitement, they can be won over by Leo’s boldness. This can be a wonderful relationship with some time, as Cancer can stroke Leo’s ego when they are down making them feel like the only lion in town. Cancer provides the perfect nurturing environment for Leo. Leo must remember to make Cancer feel appreciated or they will clam up, claws out, and hit the road.

Leo: It’s like looking in the mirror and man is the view nice! Leo and Leo go together better than most dual sign relationships. Hello Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck! After years these two came back together and made it work. There does have to be a tempering of the ego here as there will otherwise be a constant battle of who is right and who goes first. Remembering to give each other compassion and not give into competition is important. These two can spend hours talking, shopping, and sharing secrets about climbing the career ladder. Leo tends to be very successful in business and you two can be very much a power couple.

Virgo: Another earth/fire combo here this can work if you both take time to communicate. Virgo can nit pick and make Leo self-conscious and irritated. Overall Virgo is into healing others and helping where they can. It is a bit of opposites attracting here with Virgo tending to be rather conservative, penny pinching, and very organized and Leo tending to overspend and YOLO their way through life. If Leo can be sure to help clean around the house and not be the hurricane they sometimes can be, this can be a loving duo. Introverted Virgo will just need to go out on the town a couple times a month to keep Leo’s extroverted nature happy

Libra: This can be a match made in heaven as Libra is the perfect partner for Leo. Air and fire always mix well, this is no exception. Libra is a people pleaser who will do anything to make Leo happy. They will borderline worship Leo with the devotion of a congregation. Libra will need to remember to speak up with bossy Leo here. Leo will need to have some tact with Libra’s feelings and give them nudges to make the decision of which restaurant to eat at from time to time. These two can be great creative partners and any project they place hands on will thrive. The household of these two will be tastefully decorated and expensively lavish. Leo, don’t mistake Libra’s kindness for weakness, they will ghost you like Casper.

Scorpio: Though this is a water/fire mash up, it can work. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is incredibly dominant. They have what it takes, of all the water signs to stand up to Leo. The sex, should you have it, is hot. The magnetism of this couple is simply hypnotic. You two will likely be rather obsessed with one and other off the bat. Scorpio can bring some depth to Leo’s superficial side. Leo can loosen up Scorpio’s rather controlling nature. If Scorpio is triggered and becomes jealous of Leo’s attention seeking behaviors, this is where this relationship can get ugly. Once scorned, Scorpio will never trust again bidding good bye to this exciting love affair.

Sagittarius: Double the fire, double the fun. These two are a comedic skit waiting to happen. You will laugh for hours and then take a trip to a foreign country upon first meeting. You two are fast and furious when you meet up. You are drawn to each other and understand what makes each other tick at times without words. I would say of all the fire signs that this coupling is most compatible. You just get each other. Your desire for adventure, success, and excitement matches. Leo will fawn over Sagittarius’s philosophical side. Sag will fall hard for Leo’s sex appeal. One thing is if Sag feels too smothered by Leo’s neediness this happy coupling can turn nasty. You both have tempers and if you can’t agree, take time to walk away, cool down, and hash it out later. Chances are you will then come up with some new adventure that is much more fun than that old fight you had.

Capricorn: This is one fire/earth combo that can definitely work. With Capricorn being ruled by heavy hitting Saturn, they can stand up to Leo’s bossiness and bring them to their knees. This combo is a power couple situation for sure! These are two very dominant force to be reckoned with. Think President Obama and Michelle. These signs go together well and support each other’s success with respect and understanding. The only issue here is Capricorn can be a little more serious and stoic than Leo can bear at times. Leo wants things to remain fun and if Cap gets stuck in their sometimes depressed mood, Leo may not have the patience to pull them out. Capricorn may also not offer Leo enough praise and adoration to make them feel loved making them seek attention elsewhere.

Aquarius: This is a fun air/fire combo that keeps on giving. Literally! You two, though opposite signs, when combined you are very charitable. You would work well together for the benefit of society putting together benefits for those in need as if it is your own birthday party. When no saving the world, you two will have a very encouraging relationship where you literally see the good in each other, even when one of you fails to see it in yourself. This is a very optimistic partnership. If not lovers you make wonderful friends. You would work very well on creative projects together. Leo respects Aquarius’ unique flair and Aqua is creatively inspired by Leo’s originality. This is a relationship where the two partners really just like each other. The issue I can see is if Aquarius does not wish to commit leaving Leo looking for love elsewhere.

Pisces: This coupling can be challenging. Leo will trample all over Pisces sweet, sensitive nature. If Pisces lacks fire in their chart, I can see them being super turned off by Leo’s selfish and brash nature. Leo will be impressed by Pisces creative side. Pisces will be interested in Leo’s original ideas. Other than this I simply can’t see this working. This is fire and water resulting in steam. Not the good kind that cooks a dumpling. The kind produced after a heavy rain that makes everyone all sticky. This is a sticky relationship. Nope.

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