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Leo Season Love. Sun in Leo.

Do you like it hot, or do you like it hot? Leo the second fire sign often has a lot of spice and heat in their passionate personality. They don’t know how to hold back and they often don’t really care to. Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo has the tendency to believe the world revolves around them! The fifth house is the natural place of rulership of Leo and this house rules creativity, self-expression, romantic relationships, and fun. I often find a difference in the Leo Sun’s I come across and of course the expression of this feisty Sun placement is influenced by they person’s Moon and Rising placement also. Known to be loyal friends and solid leaders, Leo is meant to be the boss and this Lion can pack a punch with their fierce roar.

With Leo women are the King of the jungle in female form. This chick has balls. She says what she wants and does not give many fucks when it comes to pleasing others. This is not to say she doesn’t want others to like her, she certainly hungers for adoration. She won’t dull herself down though for anyone and wants to be loved for who she really is. Which in her mind is the fucking shit. Leo in female form is a fierce protector of her family and Leo does rule children, so she will likely want to have a pride of her own. Being a natural leader though, female Leo’s may choose work over a family as they can be aggressive about going after their dreams. When it comes to passion hers is endless. If you are so lucky to catch the eye of this lady, she will wow you with her charisma and unique style. That is if you can keep up of course. An eye for fashion and unique self-expression is also a feature of this sign and some key themes of the 5th house where Leo resides on the zodiac wheel. The Leo woman will like color and will have a style that displays her individualism properly. Leo’s like to believe that they are set aside from the rest. They are fine with this and like to stand out.

I have seen 2 expressions of the female version of this sign. One is the more masculine, a tom boy that takes the lead and isn’t afraid to hang with the boys. The other expression is very feminine and over the top with the make-up, the glam, and the sex appeal. Perhaps depending on the stage of life they are in the Leo lady can dial up the glam or simply not give a fuck. Some famous Leo females that are the epitome of this sign are J LO, Madonna, and Whitney Houston. Flashy, intense, and a little (lot) over the top, the female version of this sign shines when all eyes are on her!

The male version of Leo is also a fierce protector of their family and friends. Loyal and loving, they expect respect. Nothing less will do. They are dominant an often thrive when in charge. They are used to others following them and are happy to lead the way. Male Leos’s are often momma’s boys who grow into devoted fathers to their children. They adore their wife and have been known to date out of their league. Despite their outside appearance they often have bravado that women flock to as if they can sense their dominance from a mile away. This is a sign that you can say has that certain something that you can’t put your finger on, but damn, do they have it. Swag, Leo men have Swag. They also have heart and what they do, they do with every ounce of what they have behind their rib cage. Think Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, and Ben Aflect. Though loyal, and confident, Overconfidence can be a thing for Leo males. They can be braggers, always proud of what they have achieved. At times they can be show offs and as over the top as their female counterparts.

That said the 2 expressions I see with Leo men are definitely different. One is all business. They can be found in casual clothing and give of a down to earth, chill vibe though they are still able to assert dominance when needed. They can be seen making a deal schmoozing with others in the room who can help improve their status or talking sports with the boys. Leo is a man’s man in any version of the sign. They want to be the best and want you to know it. They can show their sauce in a more subdued, buttoned up way or they can be blunt about their charisma. The second version of Leo can be seen with the oversized truck, and the oversized tires, the Mercedes Benz driving like a dare devil, weaving in traffic. They show what they have in flashy displays, buying the bar while in their ostentatious outfit with all the colors of the rainbow or black, on black-on-black badassery. They want others to really see them and will take any dare you throw at them to prove it.

Whether Female or Male Leo is a riot. They can be the life of the party at an afternoon baby shower on Sunday. They bring energy to whatever situation they are swaggering into. At their best they are assertive, loyal, energetic, enthusiastic, and generous. At their worst they are selfish, bossy, aggressive, and a show off. What are your experiences with the Leo loves in your life?

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