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Its Libra Season Y'all!

The Sun has moved into Libra. This is the second air sign of the zodiac. Here we see the duality of Gemini lost and indecision creep in. Libra is kind and considerate. I would say they are one of the softest signs of the zodiac. They consider how others feel almost to a fault. This said they can sugar coat how they feel to avoid conflict because of their desire to have companionship. They are wonderful companions and friends. They are giving and often flash the cash to treat those they care for. Money is often not an object to this sign. They desire quality over quantity and will pay the price if they can get what they desire. A tad superficial? Sure. But, damn do they look good.

Libra is ruled by Venus and rules over the 7th house. They are creative and have an eye for fashion. Their closet is often overflowing with high fashion clothes and the shoes. Damn! They know how to pick them. Venus gives this sign a draw towards and an eye for beauty. They need pleasant surroundings. They like things clean and tidy. Organization though is for Virgo. Libra keeps things neat enough for company. Keeping all their stuff in a proper place can be hard. This is because they can end up with an abundance of things they really don't want because they can't choose, so they buy both options!

Libra, being the sign of partnership, they are one of the only air signs to settle down easily. They need a companion. In their younger years this need combined with their indecision, can sometimes lead them to love triangles. Libra can be a bit of a flirt and maybe, just maybe a player. When they do commit they usually stay put due to their desire to side step conflict.

This Libra season know this sign also represents balance. Hence why Libra has trouble making a decision. They can see all sides equally. Libra reminds us to be fair in our partnership with others.

It is a time for balance, beauty and partnership for us all. It's cuffing season! If single, find a cuddle buddy to flirt with. If partnered up, treat your love as if it is your first date and flirt a little!

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