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Horoscopes for the Weary June and July

What the Heck are the Planets Doing?

This is usually a feature in the First Angel Magazine, but for unforeseen reasons it was not released this month, so here are my Horoscopes for you!

As we enter June, we have a Full Moon in energetic Sagittarius. We will all feel the fiery energy at this time and the desire to get out there and get shit done can be real. Saturn pumps the breaks on this Full Moon and can cause some tension between what we want and what we are able to do. Cancer season starts this month as well as the summer season. It is time to get off the couch and enjoy the nice weather. Happy Birthday Cancer! July 22 the Sun enters Leo and we will feel the energy shift from lazy to lit! Happy Birthday Leo! Saturn, Neptune, and Venus join the retrograde parade in the next two months, asking us to slow down! Through June and July, the signs experiencing the most change and excitement are Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, Gemini and Sag. These signs should buckle up for the ride!

Aries: You will be itching to go on vacation as June rolls in! The Full Moon in Sagittarius will affect your 9th house and the travel bug will bite you! One bud you don’t need bug spray for! Plan a trip with those you love or go by yourself, the adventurous soul you are! Additionally, you may be learning about new cultures or teaching what you have learned around this time. A focus on spiritual exploration can kick of June for you. As Venus shifts signs into Leo on June 5th you can feel the creative sparks fly with your 5th house hosting Venus and Mars! It is a great time to start or finish creative projects with the lovely boost you will feel. It is also possible you will entertain some new romantic prospects as they come your way. This is a great time to enter the dating scene or to have a romantic date with your spouse if married. Light those candles! Buy that lingerie! Saturn has been moving through your 12th house and we will see this stoic planet turn retrograde June 17th. You may feel this as your dreams become less vivid and you have a hard time connecting spiritually. You may need to put int some work to discover what your subconscious mind is telling you now. You could be rehashing some mental health issues you thought you had put to bed. June 18th the New Moon in Gemini will highlight your ability to communicate what you need. You may start learning something new or reading a new book that really excites you. Go ahead and join that book club! As July begins, a Full Moon in Capricorn will highlight your 10th house of career. You can feel the pressure at work and may see projects double and stress increase. This can be a time to do a little check in with yourself on if you are happy with your career and if not to consider other opportunities. As Mars enters Virgo, your 6th house can feel the energizing vibes of this hot planet effecting your day-to-day chores! You will be on fire at work and have the boost needed to complete all the tasks on your to do list. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will ask you to take on new home-based renovations or you may see you on a search for a new place to live. Consider planning and not starting these projects that you want to get done for now as Venus will be retrograde from July 22nd to September 3rd and your creative projects can go awry till then.

Taurus: June will start with a deep dive into your subconscious as you may be examining your fears, phobias, and spiritual practices. Your 8th house gets the light shined on it from the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th. Your money and how you spend it and any financial help you have been getting can be a highlight now that you have to focus on. As Venus moves into Leo and into your 4th house of home and family on June 5th, It is a wonderful time for home renovations and decorating for you. You can be pulled into some introspective examination for your friendships when Saturn goes retrograde in your 11th house. Take this time to evaluate if you are getting what you need out of your close connections and to rehash any conflicts you thought you had already sorted out. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th can bring about some investment or saving opportunities for your budget. After you take some time to balance your budget, July moves in with a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd, highlighting your 9th house of learning and teaching. You can find yourself immersed in a new class or teaching what you have learned on a topic that can be rather expansive for you. You may be planning a trip with those you love. With Mars moving into Virgo bringing the heat to your 5th house and your creative endeavors and romantic love are boosted, you may see some new excitement in your love relationships. It is a fun time to enter the dating scene for you. You will have passion at your finger tips also to start new creative projects! Take that -painting class dear Taurus! The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will see you connecting with siblings and possibly taking some new classes to learn more on a topic of interest for you. You may also see s short distance trip occurring around this time. Pack your bags for a weekender! Venus will be retrograde in your 4th house on July 22nd so now is not the time for home renovations for you. Wait till Venus moves direct September 3rd.

Gemini: With the Sun currently in your sign, it is your time to shine! The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th will highlight your 7th house and this can mean the end or beginning of a new partnership. You may see a commitment being made in your relationship and finally move in with your lover or get engaged. With this Full Moon opposing your sign though, there can be tension between what you want and what your partner wants and instead of a happy ending you can possibly decide it is time to walk away. Mercury enters your chatty sign on June 11th, and can make your communication impeccable. As Saturn goes retrograde in your 10th house of career and work on June 17th , you can see work projects stall and old projects in need of attention. One thing at a time Gemini, though you are a pro at multitasking! The New Moon in your sign on June 18th can have you looking in the mirror and wanting to try something new fashion wise. It may have you taking a deep dive into what makes you tick and making plans for reinventing yourself. Ok Madonna new looks good on you! The Full Moon in Capricorn that ushers July in on the 3rd can stir some phobias and fears and have you sorting through your past traumas. Healing is a highlight here and it is a good time to meditate, journal, and perhaps see a spiritual healer. Feisty Mars in stable Virgo will be energizing your 4th house of home and family. You may have extra energy for that family reunion or to help with decorating your home now! Go ahead and buy the new paintings and throw pillows! The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will see you watching your bank account and perhaps coming up with a new budget now. Save that money for a rainy day! Venus will go retrograde on July 22nd in your 3rd house so be careful how you communicate with those you care for as you may lack the tact your Mercurial sign can often be the master of. If you wouldn’t want someone to say it to you, well shut the hell up Gemini!

Cancer: The June 4th Full Moon in Sagittarius will have you asking, am I seeing the rewards for my hard work? The 6th house of work and day to day chores is highlighted with this Full Moon, but feeling unappreciated is also a theme here. Put that shy shit aside and have the appropriate conversations to get what you deserve. Make sure you don’t get too fired up though! As Venus moves form your sign into Leo, you could very well see a raise for your efforts when all is said and done as Mars has you working double time now in the same sign. You have to ask to receive though. The New Moon in Gemini June 18th will Join Mercury in the sign of communication in your 12th house and pull you to start some new spiritual practices. You may find you feel the need for some solitude to allow for time to do some introspective reflection at this time. You may resurface on the other side with new clarity. On June 21st the Sun will enter your sign, and you may feel some increased energy. Happy Birthday Cancer! Celebrate with those you love. The Full Moon opposite your sign in Capricorn on July 3rd could be stressful for you. You may see conflict in your partnerships and experience some disagreements with your spouse. Take a breath and be reasonable at this time! Mars will enter Virgo on July 10th and your communication may become a little more aggressive than normal for you. You may feel inspired to tell everyone just how you feel. Hop off the soap box my Cancer friend! Take it down a notch until you can express how you feel calmly. The New Moon in your sign on July 17th may have you examining who you are and how you are seen by others. It is a good time to make purchases to make yourself feel pampered or to take some classes for the sake self-improvement. It’s not a charge on your credit card it’s self-love dear Cancer. You may be ending July taking on a new outlook on what you have to offer the world. As Venus goes retrograde in Leo on July 22nd, you will need to be careful about that so called self-love as your 2nd house and bank account wont be able to catch a break.

Leo: You will start June with some exciting romantic prospects as your 5th house of Romance is lit by the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th. You may be feeling particularly creative energy now. Get out your sketch book and pencils! Go with the creative flow! With Mars currently in your sign you will have the energy to put your ideas to work! Venus enters the Leo party on June 4th as well. You will be straight up glowing with all the exciting ideas you have. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th can bring about some new friendships that inspire and nourish you. Go to the party, meet for happy hour drinks with your girls! Your social life will be highlighted. You may begin working with a new charity at this time. The following Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd will light up your 6th house of work and day to day chores. Your plate may be full so make sure you are hungry! You can see some wind leave your sails as Mars moves out of your sign and into Virgo on July 10th bringing some exciting or detrimental news about your income and budget. You can see an increased desire to make that paper at this time! At the time of the New Moon in Cancer on July 17th though, you can see a need to go within and take some time for solitude. Some new revelations on your spirituality can arise now. Self-healing will be a focus for you at this time. You may feel extra energized just in time to celebrate your birthday as the Sun moves to your sign July 22nd! Happy Birthday Leo! Venus will go retrograde in your sign at the same time causing some concern with your love life. Now is not a good time to get that birthday make over. Wait till Venus goes direct September 3rd!

Virgo: Your home life will be a concern for you when June begins as the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th will take place in your 4th house. You may be contemplating your relationship with your mom or your family life right now. It is possible your mother will require some help or that you will plan to spend more time with her than usual. As Saturn has been transiting your 7th house of love and partnerships since entering Pisces, you may have had some increased stress in your marriage or committed relationship. Old issues you thought you had hashed out can rise from the dead as Saturn will go retrograde on June 17th in your 7th house. Take some extra time to make sure you and your partner are on the same page at this time. The New Moon in Gemini June 18th will bring some new work projects to your desk and you may feel the pressure. Stay focused and charge ahead as Mars will enter your sign later on July 10th and you will feel rejuvenated to put in the work! The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd in your 5th house of creativity and romance will have you feeling a little more sentimental and romantic than usual. Pour these feelings into making sure your partner feels appreciated at this time. This is also a good time to discuss the issues either of you are having with the relationship and taking time to discuss if you are truly happy. Pour your emotions into any creative projects you may have on your mind. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will highlight your friendships. It is a good time to take a girls or guys trip and enjoy the close friendships you have in your life. Starting and pouring your energy into a new charity is also highlighted at this time. This will be a relaxed New Moon for you so take time to relax and have fun. Venus will retrograde in your 12th house on July 22nd and your dreams may be a concern for you. Your imagination may not be as vivid as usual so take a break from creative projects until September 3rd.

Libra: Your relationship with your siblings and your communication with others will be a focus for you as the Full Moon in Sagittarius brings your focus to your 3rd house. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you as they may be running high at this time. Communicate with care as your instincts will have you feeling anything but calm. Venus will join Mars in your house of friendship on June 5th and this can bring your social life an extra boost at this time. You may have a packed calendar and meet some new and exciting people now. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will bring about an increased interest in learning about new cultures and religious practices. You may decide to plan a new trip to a place you have never been to. As the Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on July 3rd, you can see the increased need to do home renovations that you may have been putting off. You can be examining your relationship with your family and mom at this time. Making sure you are not neglecting your duties at home is a big theme for you now. With Mars moving on to your 12th house on July 10th, you can find an intense desire to take some time for yourself in solitude. You can feel your energy decrease and sleep may be restless. Keep the lavender oil nearby! The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will have you focusing the energy you can muster on your career and work projects. It is possible you may be interviewing for new jobs now and seeing some job changes ahead. Venus retrograde will occur in your 11th house on July 22nd, so those new friendships you made may turn sour. Remember to give love to the friends that you have had for years now!

Scorpio: You will want to check and double check your bank accounts and count that money as the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 4th will hit your 2nd house. You may see a raise hit the bank or discover hidden charges within your bank account. As Venus enters Leo and your 10th house on June 5th a raise for your hard work could definitely be coming your way. Your creativity will shine at work either way and you should get noticed. Saturn moves into retrograde in your 5th house on June and you could see romances from the past arise and problems in your current lover resurface. Your Creative projects could see some road blocks and some may require rehashing. It is also possible old arguments and conflicts with your children can pop up. Careful you don’t pop off! The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will bring some new insight into some of your inner workings and you could have a revelation. Your fears and trauma could be stirred by this New Moon and you may find yourself rather busy trying to figure yourself out. It is a good time for meditation and journaling for you or to see an energy healer. The following Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd will have you connecting or arguing with your siblings. A short trip could be on your agenda. You may have to guard against being too passionate with your communication. If you wouldn’t want it said to you don’t say it to others or post it! Mars will enter Virgo on July 10th and you will get a social boost. You could also see some conflict with your close friends. Cool down before you push people away. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will have you wanting to learn something new or take a trip. Sounds like a good time for a summer vacation! Venus retrograde in Leo will take place on July 22nd in your 10th house and your career could be a little less glamourous in the month ahead. Check yourself before you wreck yourself at work.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon on June 4th will light up your first house and all eyes may be on you. You may find yourself interested in making some physical changes or taking on some new physical challenges. Go for it! The balance between the attention you give to yourself versus what you give to others will be a focus for you. It is a good time to give yourself some overdue self-love! Your family life can see some tension as Saturn goes retrograde in your 4th house on June 17th. It is not a good time to purchase a house and any decisions to move can see slow progress at this time. Be patient. Hard for you Sag, I know! The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will have you primed for a new relationship and entering the dating scene or trying something new with a partner is highlighted. Again, a friendly reminder that this month for you is about finding balance between the love give to others and the love you give to yourself. The following Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd may have you pinching some pennies and watching your accounts like a hawk. You may crave some comfort foods at this time and you could overindulge. Keep the Tums handy! Virgo getting jazzed up by Mars entering this earth sign on July 10th will have you majorly organized in your career. You may be setting goals and reaching them in the months to come with great enthusiasm. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th could force you to take a look at your inner workings as well as your fears and past traumas. You could decide to schedule a Reiki appointment or see a psychic! I know one thing, there is a lot in store for you in the next 2 months! Venus retrograde in Leo on July 22nd will occur in your 9th house so your adventures you have planned may not be as easy for you to pay for or make happen. Double check your accounts to make sure you can afford them.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Capricorn kicking June off on June 4th will have you needing some extra sleep and getting some special messages from your dreams. You may be feeling particularly drained with this Full Moon highlighting your 12th house and taking a nap will be right up your alley. Your hard-working ass very likely deserves to rest so listen to your body! Take time to listen to that little inner voice also as your intuition will be activated now. Pluto in retrograde will move back into your sign on June 11th so some of the themes and struggles of the previous 20 years could arise for you again. Pluto in your sign can be particularly difficult. Highlighting your progress and the transformation you have gone through in these years is a great way to deal with Pluto retrograde in your sign. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will have you crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s at work. You will potentially see some new work projects coming your way and chores at home could get busy. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take it one task at a time. The following Full Moon in your sign on July 3rd will have you focused on self-improvement and potentially a few shopping trips. Your appearance can be on your mind and what you can do to look even better than you already do will have you preoccupied. Mars moving into Virgo on July 10th will have you energized to learn new things. Any classes you take or teach at this time will have a very passionate effect on your life. The New Moon in Cancer July 17th will have you focused on your committed relationship or finding a new one. You could be interested in getting out in the dating scene or meeting someone new leading to something exciting in the future! Venus retrograde in Leo July 22nd will cause some stirring in your subconscious mind about fears. You could see loans go sour or find you owe money on taxes you didn’t expect.

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th will have you taking a deeper look at your social life. You may find that some friends are not as loyal as you thought or that secrets are coming to light about them. Honesty is always the best policy with you! Pluto sauntered into your sign only to retrograde and back out with his hands up on June 11th, entering Capricorn. Still not super fun for you as this places this planet of transformation in your 12th house of the subconscious mind and hidden enemies. I only hope this continued retrograde period allows you to see how far you have come with your inner transformation and how sometimes your fears are very much in your imagination. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will highlight your 5th house of creativity and children. You may take on a new creative project or help your children start a new project. Your romantic life could be highlighted now and you could decide to do something new. Shake it up! The Following Full Moon meets up with Pluto in Capricorn on July 3rd and in your 12th house. Pay attention to your dreams and any spiritual messages you get now. Your intuition will be sparking now and on point! As Mars moves into Virgo and sets fire to your 8th house, you may find yourself feeling more brave and ready to face your fears than you have all year. Roll with the punches! The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th in your 6th house of day-to-day chores and your job may have you particularly stressed out and finding new ways to organize your life. Go ahead and buy that new organizer! Book a massage while you’re at it! Venus Retrograde on July 22nd will sit in your 7th house so love may not be so sweet and soft and arguments with your lover may arise that you thought you had already dealt with. Book another massage this will be a tough transit for you.

Pisces: Your career will be lit on fire and you could receive recognition for your hard work at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 4th. Make sure you channel all your passion into making a good impression and not ruffling too many feathers as emotions can run high this Full Moon! Saturn has been messing around in your sign for a few months now and this planet will go retrograde on June 17th. You will likely feel sluggish at this time. Don’t force things that seem unmoving at this time. Your energy will be better sent planning and reflecting. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will highlight your 4th house of family and homelife. You could be interested in renovating or decorating your home at this time. Your family life could be a highlight for you as well now and you could come up with some solutions to old problems with a fresh outlook at this time. With Neptune joining Pluto in retrograde in your sign on June 30th this can bring some lag and you could feel rather uninspired. This is your ruling planet so Neptune moving in backwards action can make you feel things more deeply and move a little more slowly. Take it easy now! On July 3rd the Full Moon in Capricorn will have you assessing where you stand in your friend group. You could see yourself in deep discussions with friends that helps you to see yourself in a different light. Mars moving into Virgo on July 10th will be moving opposite your sign and the tension will be felt by you particularly. You will also see your committed partnership get a sexy boost and you could have some very exciting sexual escapades! If not committed, you may find the dates that you do go on will go your way. The New Moon in Cancer on July 17th will highlight your creative spark and bring a creative project knocking at your door. You can also see some excitement in your romantic life and with Mars in your 7th house it is a wonderful time for love for you! Venus retrograde on July 22nd will cause you to lack some inspiration in your work life. You will need to be careful to use tact when communicating and dot those I’s and cross those t’s at work.

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