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Hey Baby, What's your Moon Sign?

Exploring Your Moon Sign Part 2

Most people are familiar with their Sun Sign, but do you know your Moon Sign? The Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. It is time specific in a birth chart to be correct. The Moon in Astrology represents who we are when no one is watching. It is our inner selves and it represents our emotions. It is how we share them and how we maybe don’t. The Moon sign also represents our relationship with our mothers and our family.

Libra Moon: This is the second sign ruled by Venus. This is a sensual Moon that makes for a very even keeled demeanor. You feel deeply, but you may not say how you feel to others because of your intense desire to make others happy. You like things to be happy go lucky and easy around you. You are the YES man or woman of the zodiac. You, like Virgo hate messy emotions and will do just about anything to avoid conflict. This can get you in trouble because you are at risk of never quite expressing how you really feel with others. In this you do a disservice to yourself by not truly being who you are. You are easy to be around and have an eye for fashion and design. Your home has a very fashion forward feel to it and you love to entertain. You have a Venus ruled good eye! You can be quite creative, and if not, you appreciate the art of others. Trendy art on your walls. Check! Soft and sheik bedding on your beds. Check. You know design and comfort. You prefer balance and when things get out of whack, you do whatever it takes to bring balance back to your life. You have a deep desire to be loved by others and to be in a relationship. When not boo’d up you can be rather lost in life until you decide to say Fuck it and discover who you are. You have the ability, as the scales, to see every angle of a problem and situation and in this you have a hard time making decisions. Others may turn to stone waiting for you to just choose! Your relationship with mom may have been full of shopping and going out to restaurants together. Mom may have been more of a friend than a disciplinarian. At times she may be mistaken for your sister she looks so good!

Scorpio Moon: Ruled over by both Pluto and Mars, you are a force to reckon with! You are one of the strongest signs of the zodiac and you wear mystery as a garment. You are powerful and you know it. You know that life isn’t fair and know that the darker parts of life are simply facts. You are quite the realist. Though deeply emotional, you are good at keeping your emotions unknown to others. Undercover, deep inside, in a black box, to which no one has the key. Shit, you misplace it from time to time! You are private and untrusting. Others need to prove themselves to you by going through a slew of tests, designed specifically by you, to allow them to show their true colors. You are a tough nut to crack. The few that earn your trust are a lucky bunch because you are loyal to death. You appear to others as a clear, calm, deep lake without waves. Though, as you have this coolness about you, you can see right through to the inner parts of others, right to their darkest secrets within moments of meeting them. You are very intuitive and with near psychic ability, making you a wonderful investigator or researcher. You are most likely of the Moon Signs to dabble in the occult arts and if you do you excel at your practice. You understand the human psyche with the expertise of a certified psychiatrist! With this you can see people’s weaknesses and at times use this skill to manipulate your way to what you want. When it comes to getting what you desire you are determined and stop at nothing. Ruthless. You are ruthless. You know and are actually proud of the fact that you are not for everyone. The weaker around you may not be able to take your intensity. Well, they can piss off and find someone easier to deal with while you continue your plot at world domination. Bow down bitches! Your relationship with mom may have had a bit of a mysteriousness to it where you didn’t quite ever know her completely. This may have lead to you learning never to put all your cards out on the table.

Sagittarius Moon: Ruled by Jupiter, you have big emotions and can be a little dramatic at times. Go big or go home and maybe die trying! You want to do it all, every moment of life, for your whole life. Big just isn’t big enough. You are hilarious company to have and a fucking riot to have a night out with. It’s the whole sticking and committing thing you don’t do so well. You have fun one night then it is on to your next adventure! You hate to sit still. Worse than Gemini! You are antsy, restless, and don’t stop fidgeting long enough to understand what you want and where you are going. Feelings yah, you have those, but they can feel at times, like baggage, and you have not time to carry that. You value your freedom you don’t often get stuck in your emotions. When approached with the serious emotions of others you crack jokes. You are most likely to make jokes at a funeral. You lack the filter to even begin to act like you want to deal with the sadness of others. You cannot even deal with your own sadness. Now anger, you will serve that up piping hot for anyone dining at the Sag Café. You display your emotions without realizing with knee jerk reactions that are funny, and sometimes scary. You can explode and throw a tantrum that is Oscar worthy, then it’s on to the next fun thing for you. You swear like a sailor. You love to travel, and learning is a definite passion for you. You are interested in everything, and other cultures are meant for exploring in Sagittarius’ world. You are also a wonderful teacher because when you find the philosophy that you believe in, you hit that soapbox and hop on up. You are known to be a little stubborn and preachy about what you believe to be true. You believe with total conviction when something fits for you. So, if you’re here for a fun time and not necessarily a long time, a Sag Moon can be that time! You are likely besties with your mom. She comes along on your escapades and encourages your crazy adventures as if living vicariously through you. She also may have been a bit of a teacher for you.

Capricorn Moon: This is a difficult Moon to have as controlling emotions is their main goal when it comes to feelings. There is no fuck it, let’s just feel, do it, or jump. No, Capricorn Moon is calculated, conscientious, and always overthinking. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and restricting is this planets thing. Capricorn, the opposite of Caner restricts their emotions. This restriction is to the extent that they can even feel unworthy to express their emotions at all. They bear this burden alone, the way they bear most all burdens in their lives. They use their determined independence to assure that they have a safe amount of money in the bank to fall back on in times of need. For you, security and money are emotional subjects. It can be things and not people that mean most to you. Or so it seems. Inside the insecurities you feel are buried deep. Repressed even. Waiting for you to just fucking let go. Capricorns tend to hold on like Taurus does. You lock down and manage your emotions much like you manage your everyday life. Strict, stoic, and organized. You are a great leader and manager in fact because you are so even keeled. Others wonder what makes you sweat! Do you even have sweat glands? When a Capricorn Moon feels unsuccessful, then the sweat and tears can pour. Your reputation means the world to you, and you want to be viewed as a leader, in control, and as a boss. Capricorns have one of the most biting and sarcastic senses of humor of the zodiac and this Moon sign can have others around them in stitches with their finely timed comments. They do love to work hard, self-proclaimed workaholics, but they also play hard. When you choose to spend your well-earned pile of money it is often on designer clothes, top notch restaurants, and quality experiences. You have a very refined palate for everything in life, not only food. The relationship with mom for you was likely one with a ton of pressure placed on their little shoulders at a young age. You may not have gotten the approval that you needed from mom for your accomplishments, always making you work harder do more. Capricorn Moon you are good enough despite all of this!

Aquarius Moon: If going to the beat of their own drum is an Aquarius Sun’s thing, living on their own planet is Aquarius Moon’s life mission. Ruled by Uranus, the unique flavor of Aquarius spices their emotions, and this stew isn’t for everyone. That is ok because Aquarius Sun and Moon only have time for the open minded. The closed off, shut down, and concrete need not apply. You gotta go with the flow of this wacky Moon sign. Alien talk at breakfast? Sure thing! This sign is off topic all the time! That said you are intellectual not emotional. You will keep those around you on their toes and solve their deepest longest standing problems for them with your off the wall ideas. You are a great friend to have as you desire to help others, whether you own up to this or not, you wish for the good of society. Similar to Libra, you would rather deal with the issues of the collective than manage your own problems. If someone tries to tell you to focus more on yourself, staring daggers becomes a competition. You are independent and freedom loving. You don’t like to be told anything! You can be blunt and at times stir the pot just to cause an argument for your own amusement. You enjoy shocking the shit out of those around you! When you do feel the need to express yourself, it can be rather dramatic! You never quite feel understood by anyone, and this is often a product of your purposeful eccentricity. Pushing away others is something you do well. Learning to listen to your own inner needs and desires is a life lesson for you as well as learning to accept the help of others when you are struggling. Your relationship with your mother is likely baffling. She is likely not great at being close to you always on a trip or dealing with her own drama. This likely lead to your more independent nature yourself.

Pisces Moon: Last and so very much not the least. In fact, you feel the most of all the Moon signs. Emotional depth is something you are not short on. Emotional understanding is your forte. Ruled by Neptune though you live most of your life head in the clouds and feet nowhere near the ground. You have a very active fantasy world. Your imagination is always active. You are therefore, VERY creative if you pay attention to your inner workings. If you imagine it, you can create it. You likely can create art, poems, or make music like Michael Jackson who had a Pisces Moon. This Moon can create a bit of a tragic story of not nurtured correctly. Addiction and mental disorders can plague this sensitive Moon Sign. You can be a bit of an escape artist as you need some kind of reprieve from the deep and at times dark emotions you constantly feel. Time alone is necessary for Pisces Moons to digest everything they consume energetically on the day to day. In doing this you are absolutely like a psychic sponge. You have to find healthy ways to unwind, recharge, and reset for your wellbeing. I call this Moon the crying Moon. You cry at the drop of a hat. You are so sensitive you pick up on everything around you and this includes the emotions, fears, and pain of others. You are most likely to be empathic of all the signs. The commercials with the homeless animals on them make you cry. Lifetime movies make you cry. You are at ease with how you feel and with letting those around you see into your tender heart. The good and the bad. You wear your emotions on your sleeve. Your relationship with your mom was likely eccentric and she is potentially the spark of your creative fire. She may have helped nurture your creative gifts and the fond memories of creating art together in your childhood makes you smile.

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