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Hey Baby, What's Your Moon Sign??

Updated: May 26, 2023

Exploring your Moon Sign Part 1

Most people are familiar with their Sun sign, but do you know your Moon sign? The Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. It is time specific in a birth chart to be correct. The Moon in Astrology represents who we are when no one is watching. It is our inner selves and it represents our emotions. How we share them and how we maybe don’t. The Moon sign also represents our relationship with our mother and our family.

Aries Moon: You are all fire and heart. You are the first one to say what is in your heart. You are impulsive and impatient when dealing with how you are feeling. When you feel it you say it and this can lead to some trouble at times. You are adventurous and unafraid to share your emotions with others. You are competitive. Competing and winning is an emotional thing for you. You are not capable of hiding how you feel. You don’t have a secretive bone in your body. You wear your heart on your sleeve or your face! You are very expressive. Along with this expressive knee jerk nature, you have a temper and anger issues but you heat up fast and let go faster. On to the next! You are head strong, and a natural born leader. You climb the career ladder to executive levels in no time! Your relationship with mom may be a passionate one and, in your family, you are the one always winning at monopoly while everyone else is pissed! Tackle football anyone?

Taurus Moon: You are sensual, practical, and creative. You are a creature of comforts. You hold on to shit too long. The old blankie from when you were a baby, you have it. That grudge with your sibling form 20 years ago, you hold it. All this baggage you carry can get awfully heavy. You have hoarding tendencies. You can also have a tendency towards emotional eating and over indulging. You are patient and move slow. This includes your emotions. You take time to decide how you feel about something. You lack the impulsiveness of Aries and pick up even more stubbornness than they have. When you decide you want something you take your time, all the time in the world to work towards getting it. You are determined AF and changing your mind is a losing battle. You are grounded and have a level head on your shoulders, making decisions without your emotions in the way. With Venus ruling Taurus, you tend to be quite creative and appreciate the artistic talent in others. You can be hard on yourself and a walk in nature helps you recharge. Your relationship with mom can tent towards superficial and money oriented. She was always there, but maybe not as nurturing as you would have liked.

Gemini Moon: You are represented by the twins and those around you can appreciate your versatility. When approached with a problem you go logical. You have the magical ability to shut off your emotions and just do what needs done. You lack compassion due to this and that is something you need to work on in life. You often speak without thinking and have some open your mouth insert your foot moments. Often. You connect well with others, but in-depth detail-oriented conversations can make you snore. You are quick witted and as soon as you start on one topic, realize one emotion, you are on to the next. You may not cry often, but music can bring you to tears as well as sad movies that you avoid at all costs. You have no time for sadness. You want things to be light hearted and fun. Your changeability can be viewed by others as moodiness. Journaling about your emotions can be therapeutic for you. Your relationship with your mother may have been unpredictable. You may have had similar senses of humor and your communication was a strong point for you both.

Cancer Moon: You re ruled by the Moon and emotions are kind of your thing. You are made to feel and feel you do! You are emotional and though you may try to hide your soft center from others, it shows. You are compassionate, sensitive and sweet, but at first when you meet someone you are skeptical if you should trust them and trust is huge for you to open up. You side step new situations like the Crab you are represented by. You pick up on everything around you and this can lead to some mixed messages. You need to know exactly where you stand with people of you feel insecure. You are a human lie detector and your intuition is a super power for you. You cry easily, especially when anyone around you is in pain or is suffering. You fucking feel. If anyone ignores your emotions or your needs, your feelings get hurt very easily. You then can turn a little whiney and demanding, expecting others to read your mind about how you feel instead of just expressing it. You can often dish it, but taking it is another story. You can also be sarcastic to deal with your deep emotions and cover them in humor. You are fiercely protective over your family and those you love. You are not one to fight, but if you are forced to you do so with great conviction. Your relationship with mom is likely very nurturing, emotional, safe and secure. It may lean a tad towards smothering mothering. Cancer Moon males tend to be momma’s boys.

Leo Moon: You are very loyal and wear your heart on your sleeve. When you feel something, you express it freely and fiercely. You are bold and blunt about how you feel. You can be a diva at times! That said, you are very caring about those you love and you make sure they know it. You do everything you do with heart. As a fire sign you are passionate and give 100% at all times. With this, you can be dramatic with your emotions and overly expressive. Some can’t take your overbearing emotions and ask you to dial it back. You simply don’t have a dial. You do have a temper that can flare when you don’t get what you want. You are very protective about those you love and as the Lion of the Zodiac, this Moon sign can roar when anyone harms those they love. So those who don’t approve of who you are and those you love can piss off! You have plenty of admirers to take their places in the front row of the Leo Moon show. You can tend to be attention seeking and you would make a great performer with this outgoing Moon. You have the passion to climb the career ladder and make demands of others without worrying about hurting feelings. You do have the charisma to gather those around you for any cause, so you make a great supervisor, project leader or manager. Your relationship with your mother could have been dramatic and you may have argued often. That said you two could have enjoyed shopping together and sharing beauty tips!

Virgo Moon: The second sign ruled by Mercury, you are a bit different than a free-flowing Gemini Moon. You are a deep thinker that organizes their feelings into neat little boxes. You are perfectionistic and displays of messy emotions make you gag. They make you anxious. When you are anxious, you clean. Come on over to my house!! You much prefer logical discussions to irrational outbursts. You will often cry your tears in private. You are a wonderful friend and companion as you turn your laser focus on helping those you care about when they are in need. In fact, you would rather tend to the needs of those around you than to tend to your own emotional needs. You can pick up on all the fine details around you and at times you knit pick others. You simply have the ability to see the great potential in others and who will push them along their way to perfection if not you dear Virgo Moon? You must guard against being overly pessimistic throughout your life because you overthink so much. Relaxing is huge for your happiness. Taking time to meditate, or have a spa day to unwind is a must for you from time to time. Stop cleaning, the answers you seek are not in the tiles of the shower! Your relationship with mom could have been stressful because she always pushed you so hard to be successful. You learned how to be so organized from your momma and it has helped you go far in life.

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