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Happy Birthday Pisces

It’s time to celebrate the 12th sign of the zodiac. The Sun moves into Pisces 2/18/24. Pisces rules over the 12th house and is ruled by Neptune. They are a dreamy water sign that is known to be creative and sensitive. Pisces is said to embody a little of each of the other zodiac signs expressing this through a deep understanding of every emotion that humanity can possess. Pisces is a feeler and though they can be shy, they are not shy about how they feel. Though the other water signs are emotional, Pisces is the most in touch with how they feel at any given time. They are also in touch with how those around them feel at all times. They read collective energy well. They are intuitive and psychic, making them a good friend to go to when you need a shoulder to cry on. They simply understand and will likely cry along with you.

Pisces is bombarded with so much emotion that they are known to be drawn to escapist behaviors like using drugs, drinking, or lying in bed all day. They can be prone to depression as they just feel the pain of others as their own and have a hard time discerning where the pain of others ends and their own pain begins. They are the tortured, emotional artists of the zodiac. Cigarette in one hand, paint brush in the other. They have great potential when they channel the deep feelings they have into art of some kind. Music usually speaks to them in their own Pisces language and they can fluidly produce it and create it in one way or another. Though they can sometimes come off as the victim with all the pain they feel, they often wish to help others with the compassion others often show to them. They are the bleeding hearts of the zodiac and hate to see others suffering. Pisces is the day dreamer of the zodiac with the imagination many of us leave in childhood! They require time alone to reboot after being in a crowd or even with friends. They also require alone time to sort through their emotions and to let their imagination run free.

Pisces with all this emotion, is not made for everyone. I have to say though, most of the Pisces I come across, are not openly mushy and soft hearted at first glance. They can, much like the other water signs, have a tough exterior and bravado to keep people off their case. They sense BS like a lie detector, and if they don’t like you, you will sense it in a stand-offish-ness that may not feel nice. They have to feel you out before spilling their guts to you. I find Pisces men to often be more open than the women and a little more sensitive off the bat. Pisces women often make you work to get to know them. There is something intimidating about them. Like they see right through you, setting you off balance at first before you get to see how sweet they can truly be.

Pisces’ best love and friend matches often come with heavy water placements or Earth in their own chartsAir signs have little in common with Pisces with the exception of Aquarius that is the sign right before them in the zodiac. They share a humanitarian vibe with Pisces that Pisces appreciates. Fire signs can sometimes activate Pisces, but over time, despite the passion they can share together, arguments can be plenty with Pisces crying all the way home then shutting them out. Aries, the following zodiac sign can sometimes be tolerated by Pisces as they can appreciate how open and honest Aries is wearing their heart on their sleeve.

During Pisces season, it is a good time to examine how you display your emotions, or perhaps the ways that you repress your emotions. Do you embrace your creative side enough? Should you bust out the canvas and paint a little more? Take a look at your escapist behaviors and take a look at the emotions behind these behaviors. Also take some time to share how you feel with others with compassion and love!


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