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Happy Birthday America!

A Solar Return chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the time and date that the Sun returns to the exact place of your birth. A Solar Return chart can be drawn up for people as well as places. This type of chart can display what the year ahead could look like for a person or place. The date, time, and place of birth is needed for this type of chart for the predictions to be accurate. Today USA experiences it’s Solar Return and we can look at it to see where the country may go in the year ahead.

The Ascendant or Rising sign of any chart for a person or place can represent the overarching theme of the year for them and points to the chart ruling planet. The Sign of Gemini is on the AC here for the USA and this can point to a continued split between the American people when it comes to the issues we will collectively face. We could see further division among political parties in the year to come, which if you ask me is the last thing we need in this country. A focus on communication and perhaps IT innovations can be seen in the year ahead perhaps as a way to help with this divide. The chart Ruler is Mercury and this planet sits right there on the AC meaning it will be front and center. We may all get simply annoyed with the political popping off at the mouth we will see this year. All talk no action. Putting your foot in your mouth again America? Either way this is where we are at.

The Sun is in the 1st house so asserting ourselves will be prominent this next year. We may see the identity of the USA begin to shift and how we look to others will be a focus for out leaders. With the 7th house emphasized in the birth chart of the USA, partnerships will be made that will be either beneficial or to our detriment. Partnerships will be a theme this year. The ones we make and the ones we break.

The Moon in the Solar Return of a nation can represent the people. WE are screwing our head on straight an attempt to set things right with Moon in Virgo we see through the BS. However with a Conjunction to birth Neptune, we will have the veil pulled over our eyes throughout the year. A feeling of not seeing things quite as clearly as we want to may follow us this year. Seeing through the darkness, will be important though. The people of USA will need to be strict this year and the need to buckle down could be a focus.

With The USA experiencing a Pluto Return also, we see a new beginning possible. America will see stress and struggles as this takes place in the 2nd house of security and values where America’s natal Pluto is. Financial transformation and movement towards a new way of looking at money and supplies will be a theme here. With the solar return Pluto hitting the 8th house of the Solar Return chart, endings, transformation, and power struggles are a theme we will see.

This will no doubt be a challenging year ahead for the USA. We all need to be frugal and watch our mouths, our budgets, and control our wastefulness.

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