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Full Moon in Leo: Find your courage!

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac. They are large, in charge and this Full Moon on the 5th of February will come in with a ROAR! Leo is ruled by the Sun, so this sign often has a lot to prove. They have no problem making a point known when they have something to say. Leo is at home on the stage and enjoys boldly making a statement. This confidence that many Leo's are born with is seen by others and is truly something I admire about them. It's as if the creator came from making Cancer, who is often so unsure of them selves, and had enough! They decided to make a sign very opposite of this, with the same love for family and the loyalty of a dog. Boom Leo was born and they are here to show the world what they're made of.

Leo women are often sexy, yet have a down to earth energy that allows them hang with the guys at the game on Sunday. They are able to shit talk, drink beer, and in their youth scrape their knees climbing trees. Then as Friday night arrives they do their hair, put on the tight dress, and hit the dance floor. Hello J LO! We see you Leo goddess! Leo men also have a bit of a dichotomy about them. Sometimes we see the Leo male in a suit, straight laced, demanding respect in the work place. Friday night comes and there he is, popped collar on his red button down shirt, turning heads as he gets out of his red Ferrari. Leo men know how to flex. They know how to flash, and they have swag for days. It is only logical the Ben Affleck is a Leo as well. It is as if J LO really was in search of her equal when she attracted him. The interesting thing I find with Leo men, is for as much swag as they have, they often have many female friends who they are able, somehow to get along with famously. Though of masculine quality, Leo men have a knack for making their girls that are friends feel appreciated, and understood. I find the same to be true for Leo women. They often have many male friends that they can kick it with as if they were one of the guys.

What does it mean to have a Leo Moon in your birth chart? The Moon in Leo, overall brings some drama to the way one expresses their emotions. The owner of this feisty Moon, has some spice to how they communicate their feelings. If you don't listen, then they will just scream louder. Till that scream becomes a cry. Then that cry turns to a bonfire that burns the place down. The emotional, sensitive, and soft Moon in Leo has a fiery temper. This Moon must guard against being too bossy, controlling, and slightly selfish. The one thing those with the Moon in Leo have is confidence in what they feel. Even if they fail to convey this in their huffing and puffing. They long for the same confidence in how others feel about them, so they will show off, to hear feedback that gives them the assurance to move forward. Leo Moon will put on a show if needed to get what they want. Praise is often what they need. They also need a lot of love. To know they are loved is huge for a Leo Moon. If you love a Leo Moon and let them know and truly prove to them how you feel, they will be loyal till the end. Leo Moons are also creative, with the ability to create beautiful things form their dramatic feelings.

This Leo Full Moon will challenge us to look in the mirror and see where we are lacking confidence and courage. Looking deep, we must ask ourselves, is there something we have wanted to achieve, but have placed on the back burner out of the fear of failing. Now it is time to muster the courage up to take the leap. With a tense T-Square occurring between the Sun in Aquarius and the rebel Uranus in Taurus, this Full Moon may be a challenging one. There can be some uncertainty about what we are feeling collectively now. We may feel anxious or restless at this time. Especially those with Leo, Taurus, or Aquarius placements. There may be some unexpected news that brings about surprising feelings for us. Addressing these feelings will be critical to moving forward and getting closure that may be exactly what is needed right now. The overall message I see here is: don't let fear keep you from looking in the mirror, examining your strengths, peeking at your weakness' at the same time, and learning to love who you are. With the confidence of a Leo!

This will be a rather social Full Moon that urges us to connect with our friends and loved ones. Leo is after all, a very loyal friend to have in your corner! Get out and have a night on the town. Surround yourself with those who make you feel confident. It is a good time for creative projects, singing, dancing, and performing. This is not the time to shy away form the attention on you. Put on the heels. Strut. Your. Stuff!

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