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Full Moon in Gemini: What's on your mind?

December 8th, the Moon, in Gemini, will be full and we may be full of it! We will all have something to say. Boasting, schmoozing, and networking are all Gemini's forte. Gemini, the sign the Moon will be in, is known for their chatty nature. We will feel it bubbling up deep inside, our thoughts, our dreams, our criticisms. Boom, out our mouth it will come. We won't be able to help ourselves, but to speak what's on our minds and in our hearts. Ya know what? That may be just what we need.

Full Moons bring light to a certain area of each of our lives every month, that may require some attention. This Full Moon will light up Gemini, the sign of the twins. Gemini is the sign of communication known for having two sides. This duality allows for them to be versatile and at times a little moody. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and rules over the third house. What I love about this sign is how fun and funky they can be. With their interests that are often vast and scattered, they are quirky and always have something interesting to say. What can be frustrating about them is they can be very flighty and hard to get to commit to well, anything. Plans they forget, relationships they cringe, and type of food they want for dinner they can't decide.

This Full Moon will have us perhaps a bit scatter brained, trying to do too much at once, and feeling a little anxious. Gemini has a restless mind and thus lives with a low level of anxiety at baseline. Collectively this energy is in the air (pun intended Gemini is an Air sign) so breathe deep as we go through this day. Check yourself once, twice, thrice when trying to communicate. Mars the planet of aggression is in Gemini at the same degree of this Full Moon. Mars is walking backwards, Retrograde, unable to control where he goes. As he bumps or conjuncts this Moon so full it could burst, us humans may do just that.

What do you want to say? Say it. What do you wish to do. Do it. The time is now to reflect on the year and what opportunities to express yourself that you skipped over. Remember those issues. Remember what you deserve. With care speak up. For the love of God, do it before Mercury Retrogrades at the end of the month and you lose steam. Mars here is the motivator. The Nudge. To leap.

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