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Full Moon in Capricorn...All work no play makes Jack a dull boy

Hello everyone! We will have a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th. The sign of Capricorn is a rather serious earth sign that is linked to hard work, your career, and setting goals. They are all about that paper and if something doesn't fit into their future goals they will walk away without a regret in sight. Capricorn is a bit head strong and independent. They often have a hard time accepting help from others and this can lead to some resentment and exhaustion for them.
This sign is ruled by Saturn, a slow moving planet that is known to cause trouble where it goes. This is because where Saturn is n your chart is often an area of your life that you have to work extra hard in to see progress. Saturn will push you to go after your goals and after some challenges Saturn reaps large rewards for those who persevere. Capricorn like Saturn has no time for the BS. Capricorn wants to get the job done, reach their goals, collect their reward and move on to the next challenge.
Capricorn also rules the 10th house of career and reputation. Where the first earth sign, Taurus may strive to be successful to spend their money on luxurious things, Capricorn is more frugal. When they do spend their money they do so to show their power and their stature in society. They aspire to be successful for the clout. Most Capricorns I have met have a very dark sense of humor about them that makes them a blast to be with. They are loyal friends and when they care about someone they will honor the friendship till the end. Being the sister/opposite sign of Cancer, Capricorn is able to put their emotions to the side and do what needs to be done. Where Cancer can be warm and receptive to others, Capricorn is rather cold, taking longer than most to thaw out. That aside, they are the reliable friend you can call on for logical, solid advice when you are in need. They are honest and blunt and won't sugar coat anything! They are very good at providing a dose of hard, cold reality when you are in need.
The Full Moon in Capricorn will bring the focus to your work life. Whatever area you work within, there could be some challenges at your 9-5 that needs worked on. Their could be a power struggle with your boss, as Capricorn does rule our supervisors. You could see a promotion come your way that is rather exciting. With a promotion comes hard work that you must be ready for. Some may see their reputation boosted due to their hard work. Others may see it in question because they failed to deliver. Capricorn and Saturn also rule the government, so we could see some issues arise collectively that put our government’s efficiency in question even further than it has been lately.
There is a conjunction to Pluto with this Full Moon, adding the need for discipline as well as the examination of how we express our personal power. Are you power hungry and in need of an ego check? Do you need a reminder that you are in the drivers seat of your life? I see this full moon collectively pointing to the abuse of power that exists around us and in our own government. Oil interestingly is also ruled by Pluto. I wonder if this Full Moon will effect the use of oil, either helping gas prices, as we are all hoping, or further restricting the availability of this vital resource. Either way this Full Moon will shine some light on our own personal power and our ability to pull ourselves up when things feel impossible and keep on going. The message here is to persevere when things feel too hard to endure. Try to take time for self-care though as you strive to make it to the top!
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