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Full Moon in Aquarius: Its about to get weird.

This Friday we have a Full Moon in Aquarius and it is about to get weird. Let's chat for a little about Aquarius. Aquarius sits in the 11th house, ruled by the rebel planet Uranus, is the wild card sign. They are known to be intellectual signs that think outside the box. If you want a problem you can't solve to be taken care of? Aquarius is the friend to call. They are always available to help friends as this is the sign rules our friendships and social justice. They also are the zodiac's know it all's, with random knowledge on a little bit of everything. As an air sign they love to read random articles on subjects near and far. Want to know what that rash on your arm is? Call Aquarius. Want to know why the Roman empire fell? Call an Aquarius. They know things and because of this they are often right. In their minds they are always right, so don't dare waste your breath trying to convince them otherwise. Unpopular opinion: although they are a very open minded sign, they are rather opinionated. They hate to be kept in a box. Any kind of box. They want to be free along with freedom seeking Sagittarius. Those two signs are well suited to be friends as they both are extremely independent and quite rebellious.

Where Aquarius thrives is within the intellectual, social justice realm. If you need someone to fight for fairness, they are your person as they do hate to see suffering. They fail at understanding the emotions behind the suffering. They are not terribly empathetic so if you want someone to give you some sappy answer to a question, you had better skip them and find a Cancer. If you want blunt, to the point, don't GAF type of advice, seek out an Aquarius. They are up there with Virgo with their ability to cut straight to the point of any situation.

When the Moon is full in wildly unique Aquarius, it brings out the strange, weird, and brilliant. Random ideas galore, this Full Moon may get your mind racing. Quick solutions to long standing problems may be found. It is a good Full Moon to get out with friends and have some fun together. Though plans may get mixed up, confused, or dropped at the last minute. I say this because though Aquarius usually makes for a easy Full Moon, this one is part of an uncomfortable T-Square in the sky which adds pressure to the moment. Uranus which has been stirring trouble in Taurus, makes a square to this Moon, bringing unexpected troubles to many. Uranus has been making money and supplies scarce so I can imagine this will be enhanced this Full Moon. Watch your bank accounts like a hawk. Count your pennies and be sure you have some put away for a rainy day. This Friday may just be that day.

This Full Moon is in a tough position, right side by side with Saturn. This can bring a challenge when trying to express the complex emotions we may be feeling right now collectively. Saturn makes the warm cold, stalls progress, and brings hurdles to jump over. If you have plans they may be put on the shelf. You may need to work hard instead of attending a fun social event that you had planned. It is not the time for deep talks as you just wont be able to effectively put words to how you feel. Take the day off from attempting to finish goals. Allow yourself time to tie up loose ends before moving forward right now.

Moods may be extreme and the restless mental energy that both Aquarius and Uranus bring to the table will spill over with the emotions Full Moons bring. It is also worth mentioning that Mars is still within a few degrees of Uranus, also squaring this Moon, so that adds some frustration, agitation, and even violence to this Full Moon that may be hard to deep breathe through.

Tread lightly this Full Moon. Take the evening to rest, relax, and recuperate from the long work week. Though you may feel inclined to, now is not the time to save the world. Put that off till Monday.

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