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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus

This Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus may be a mixed bag. Full Moon Eclipses pack the potent energy of a Full Moon...X10. Their effects can be felt for months for those with placements within certain signs. This Full Moon Eclipse will hit Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo.

Taurus the second sign of the Zodiac ruled by Venus, may not be as independent, or impatient as the fist sign, Aries, but they can be just as fun! Taurus is an Earth sign and values patience, precision, and perseverance. They rule the Second house of money honey, and how we make it. Unlike Aries who may go on a shopping spree when they get their grimy little fingers on their paycheck, Taurus saves their hard earned money on quality, expensive items they have been saving for over time. They value hard work and when you call on them to complete a task, they will see it through till the end. The Second house/Eighth house axis deals with our money, power and sex. Sensual not a sexpot, like their opposite sign Scorpio, Taurus can work it. They enjoy slow, sensual sex with meaning. They don't usually go for a hit and run, but would rather stick around and build with their lover. Taurus knows how to make things last and patience is their virtue.

This Full Moon Eclipse may hit us in the wallet with all this talk of moolah! Balance your budget, spend on special, quality items, and stash the rest of your hard earned cash away for the security of your future. Taurus deals with security and feeling secure is ever important to us all now. Taking some time to review what makes you feel secure in this life can be of importance now. Hell, you may find yourself changing your passwords, and even your door locks with no idea the Full Moon Eclipse has a hold of you. Letting go of old beliefs and values that may no longer serve your security may be a theme seen now. Literally cleaning out your closets may be a great idea now. Taurus also enjoys good food and drink, likely in their own home with quality company. We may find ourselves drawn to our creature comforts now. Be careful of overindulgence, as sometimes Taurus doesn't know when to stop.

This Taurus Moon is butt up against Uranus. Uranus brings the unexpected. Be on guard with your finances, security, sex life, and creative projects. Venus, the ruler of Taurus is on display here as well and so is creativity. On the flip side, you may have inspiration hit with brilliant results. With an uncomfortable angle to Saturn in Uranus, I believe we collectively may feel restrictions on our feelings, pocket books, and delays in seeing the profits of hard work done. Exercising patience now is of great importance as the planet of motivation, Mars is retrograde at this time as well.

This is not an easy mash up in the sky right now. You may be conflicted, drained, and frustrated right now. It is a good time to plan, not run full force ahead. Honestly I feel this year has been a year of planning and observing. It has not been a good time to start anything new. Check that baggage you have been carrying around. Acknowledge the significance it has played in your feeling secure. Let go of what seems heavy too heavy to continue to carry.

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