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February 2024 Astrology Forecast

What makes you Unique?

 It’s Aquarius Season!

We have been cooped up in the house all winter. The Go-getter Capricorn energy can be draining, despite all you got done! Aquarius comes in like a breath of fresh air asking us to lighten up a little, think of others, and color outside of the lines! We begin February with The Sun in Aquarius awaiting the company of other planets within this sign. The weight of heavy hitting Pluto there is rather drab. Though this placement is extremely important and will bend and mold society within the next 18-20 years, Aquarius demands we have some fun!

Mercury will move into Aquarius on 2/5/24, adding to the fun! Mercury in the thoughtful sign of Aquarius is restless, genius, and versatile. This is a rebellious Mercury placement that demands freedom to think as they wish even if it makes absolutely no sense to others! This placement brings originality to the way Mercury learns, taches, and communicates. This is an eccentric placement with Einstein like brilliance, set to change the way the world thinks. This Mercury sign thinks outside the box. Outside the box, more like out of this world! Those with this placement in their chart are blessed with the intelligence to know it all, but the curse to never quite feel understood.

The New Moon in Aquarius on 2/13/24 will urge us to use our original thoughts to better our lives and the lives of those around us. There is a square to Uranus here so racing thought will plague us at night. Let your imagination run wid. If you try to stop it you will feel restless to the point of anxiety. Change is coming and you can either get with it or GTF out of the way! Think outside of the box to come up with new goals for your biggest endeavors. The world won’t wait forever. You can be lost in the dust if you do not evolve! Girl/Boy Bye!

Mars joins the Aquarius party 2/13/24 making us want to move! This will only increase the restless anxiety in the air causing us all to tap our pens and fidget in our chairs. This is a placement of many brilliant minds. This is the sign of the freedom fighter and independent entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place one invention at a time. This is a cool Mars placement for passion though. If you hook up with someone with this Mars sign, don’t expect sex to be fire and desire. They are more likely to bring in some freaky high-tech toys to wow you with! This cool, calm and collected Mars sign has a poker face to fool anyone who doesn’t know the ball of energy they truly are.

Venus moves into Aquarius on 2/16/24 conjuct Mars making for some brilliant ideas creatively. Love for Venus in Aquarius is a mind game. They don’t need love bit they certainly want it and never really know how to display that in a healthy way. They are too independent for their own good and they are meant to learn to love tenderly this lifetime without getting the ick! We can all feel a little more stand offish in love now and it will do us all some good to take some me time to process that which is our love lives.

All this Aquarius energy urges us to embrace our unique selves and place it on display for the world. This is a release from the hard-working strict energy of Capricorn. Loosen the stings and let yourself breathe! Let your freak flag fly!

The Sun moves into Pisces on 2/18/24 and it is time to allow yourself to day dream! Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune has a hard time focusing or being too serious. Pisces asks us to listen to our intuition and dreams now. Pay attention to the messages you get. Take time to do some yoga or meditate. Journal your deepest thoughts down as memos to look back on when you feel lost. Express your feelings and use creativity as an outlet. Happy Birthday Pisces!!

Mercury will move into Pisces also on 2/23/24 and we can get lost in our dreams, visions, and imaginations. It can be a good time to just let go and float! The anxiety of restless Aquarius is lost as if it had never existed. This is a Mercury sign that is in tune with is feelings and urges those with this placement to read the room before communicating. This is a very psychic placement. Seek out a friend with Mercury in Pisces now to get a tarot reading or other mystical reading!

The Full Moon in Virgo will be opposite the Pisces energy and can cause a clash of interests. The need to float in your feelings can be overwhelming, but the desire to put your feet firm on the ground is demanded by Virgo. It is a Full Moon to let go of old outdated thoughts, feelings, and life decisions that do not serve you. It can be a good time to write new more practical goals out on paper to keep and look back on when you are struggling to be motivated. The perfectionistic Virgo energy of this Full Moon can be a lesson and a reminder that though we can strive for perfection we must remember we are only human and need to be kind to ourselves if we don’t get it right the first time, every time.


What a month ahead February will be! Where is Aquarius and Pisces in your chart? Contact me for a reading if you want to know how this energy will feel for you I am now offering live Zoom Readings!

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