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December 2023 Astrology Forecast

December 2023 brings some changes astrologically making it a month of trying to find balance. We al have been going, going, and going all year long. December brings a time to look back at the year and what we have accomplished. Astrologically the planets are supportive of that. Whether we like it or not, December 2023 will ask us to slow down and assess our spending, our intuition and our career life.

December 1st Mercury moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is a serious minded, business-oriented sign. Mercury here takes time to think before speaking, thinks things all the way through, and plans goals for the future. This placement can be motivating for us all to set goals for 2024 and beyond. Mercury in the sign represented by the mountain GOAT (greatest of all time is what Cap wants to be) has clear vision to see things through till the end. Hard headed till the end Capricorn is determined and steady. Those with this placement are rocks to lean on and give the most solid and responsible advice of the zodiac. Those with Capricorn placements get a little mental boost now.

December 4th, we see Venus move into sexy Scorpio. This placement is devoted, loyal and the most ride or die of this zodiac. When they decide to trust and love you, they will never stop, though they may never be overtly mushy with you. Scorpio Venus always keeps some secrets and emotions to themselves. They show you how they feel rather than tell you. This may often be in bed! Sex is an emotional expression for Scorpio and they need it in a love relationship to feel connected. Scorpio Venus wants to know all about their lover from the light and easy to the deep, dark, and traumatic. If you get involved with a person with Venus in Scorpio in their birth chart, expect to be peeled back layer by layer and loved deeply and intimately. This is a time for evaluating the level of devotion you give and receive as well as your personal power in your intimate relationships. Those with Scorpio get a boost to their confidence and desire for a glow up now!

Neptune, the planet of illusion, creativity, and spirituality moves out of Retrograde December 6th and we can see progress in the work you may be putting into your spiritual life. Working on trusting your intuition and listening to your gut is highlighted now. Using your deep emotions to boost your creative side is something to be embraced. Pisces your emotional world may feel less pressured now when Neptune moves forward as Retrograde periods can bring about some blocks. That witch you, dear Pisces, have been struggling to see clearly will be more able to be understood now.

This is only the first full week of December! There will be a New Moon in Sagittarius 12/12/23 that can bring about some escapist tendencies and desire to get away. Then we see Mercury move Retrograde in Capricorn 12/13/23 till January 1st urging us to take a breather and stop spending what we work so hard to earn! It is a time to appreciate what you have accumulated over time! It is asking us to cut back on overtime at work to spend time with those you love for the holidays.

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