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Aries Season and Aries New Moon...It's about to get Spicy!

Aries Season begins on March 21st with a New Moon in this feisty Fire sign. We should all get ready for a new chapter, an new adventure, and possibly a new life cycle. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Aries season marks the beginning of a new journey through the zodiac. Aries is known to be fierce, independent, and blunt. They are extremely competitive and impatient. Give an Aries a challenge they will do it and do it well! Say jump, and Aries says how high?! Then they will proceed to hit the sky as they leap into the next adventure!

Aries rules the 1st house of self and reminds us to put ourselves first. A little selfish at times, Aries just knows what they deserve. They are fully self-aware and anything that challenges their idea of who they are will get told where they can put that opinion! The higher version of this sign is able to give of their selves to those in need. Often Aries will be seen headlining a charity for some good cause with great passion. Ruled by Mars, Aries is passionate indeed. They are most likely to sweep their love interest off their feet with fire and spice and if they're lucky something that looks nice! Aries knows how to charm those around them. Their down fall is the impatience and restlessness in their heart that at times can get them int trouble. They are wonderful leaders, though they must guard against being too bossy and power hungry. Aries scoffs, but how can you get to the top without being a boss?

I love to highlight some Aries Celebrities to drive the ideas here home, so in true Aries fashion, I will. Think of Mariah Carey asking why you so obsessed with me? Yep she is a Aries boos B*tch! Lady Gaga is another Aries Diva who also contributes her fiery flare to many charities and good causes. Think of Aries Robert Downy Jr. kicking ass as Iron man. This is a perfect hero to represent Aries bold ways, yet during the day he has mounds of money and success as a business tycoon. Lil Nas X is also as Aries as Aries gets! He is so uniquely, boldly, and unapologetically himself! It is truly admirable! Aries sees the boundaries of what is expected by others and laughs at it! They always go above and beyond and maybe during Aries season we should to!

This New Moon on March 21st will be at 0 degrees Aries, representing the very beginning of this sign. This degree represents beginning new cycles, embracing new energy, and embodies the most simplistic and basic attributes of the sign it is in. the 0 degree mark of any sign represents the beginning of a new journey with so much to learn. This new Moon makes a harsh square to impulsive Mars, the Planet of drive and ambition that also rules Aries itself! I see this bringing a jolt of anxious energy to us all. We will be ready to set new goals, which is often the vibe of a New Moon, but in Mars and Aries fashion in turbo mode this time! I must warn everyone not to over do it and stress their body out causing illness or exhaustion. It is a great New Moon though to start or get back to your workout routine, as Mars and Aires love to get physical. It is also a great time to hop into bed with your lover and get a workout in another way! Wiggly eyebrows! Use this fast, furious, and hot Aries energy to get shit done. Do not let the friction and frustration in the air rub you the wrong way. Watch your temper, how you express yourself to others, and how you manage your emotions.

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