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Aquarius Season has Arrived!

Make room, the aliens are here! As the Sun moves into Aquarius along with the Moon, Venus and Saturn, the energy around us can shift into the weird. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of pure genius revelations and fierce independence. IT is this planet that often makes Aquarius feel very much other than, alien, and as if they don't quite fit in. This sign is known to be brilliantly intelligent, shockingly bold, and has a penchant for ruffling a few feathers. Aquarius thinks unlike anyone else. They have the ability to see things from outside the box and somehow come up with solutions to problems that everyone else fails to see. They are the inventors of the zodiac. What are emotions? Why do people have them? Aquarius doesn't do emotions and would rather display their sharp wit and rely on their logic than to ever have someone see them cry. That is not to say that Aquarius cant be empathetic and be a great listener. They will just not require the same listening of those same friends they have supported through the tough times in the past. They'd much rather deal with it all on their own. Their plate often remains too full because of this leading to some indigestion.

Aquarius rules over the 11th house and with their logical thinking they are often seen planning some kid of benefit for others, fighting for social justice, or helping their friends. Friendships and social relationships are ruled by this house. I always found this interesting because Aquarius can be so detached from their feelings and others. After years of studying this sign I see it is the desire to do what is right that can drive Aquarius to help others. They enjoy being part of the solution for others that are in need, but getting emotionally entangled won't happen helping strangers. Think of Oprah or Ellen, both Aquarius'. They have been notorious for helping others, listening intently to sad stories. Yet, always seem to offer straight forward solutions to problems, in Ellen's case also offering laughter along the way. Aquarius has a great sense of humor and knows how to keep those around them entertained.

With all these planets taking a dip in the eccentric water of the water bearer, the focus for us all can shift to what qualities we have within us that are different, fun, and weird. We must embrace this side of ourselves and now is a good time to get started. It is not the time to nit pick at our stranger qualities. Virgo take a back seat now ok? With the 11th house highlighted now we can all take a step back and examine our social relationships. Are we being as good of a friend as our friends are being for us. This sign can be wildly creative it is a good time to embrace your creative side to! With Pluto very close to this New Moon and the Sun right now Transformational ideas may burst into your mind from nowhere. If you have a problem, you may now find a brilliant solution. You may even surprise yourself. Revelations galore, jot down what comes up for you in meditation sessions now! It is a good time to get involved in a charitable cause that is near to your heart. Emotions may not be greatly understood now as Aquarius just simply can't! Save the emotional deep diving for Pisces Season next month!

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