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Welcome to rachellovesastrology

Find your Truth in the Stars

When feeling lost in life, slightly off track, or you are in need of direction for the future, Astrology holds the guidance you seek.  Welcome to rachellovesastrology, where your birth time holds the keys to your destiny.  You have not stumbled onto this site by accident.  Things do happen for a reason.  Allow me to guide you with my Astrological expertise to find exactly what you are seeking.  I am here to help, guide, and educate you on your birth mission. If you are interested in knowing everything about your inner being, don't be shy I can help. I offer various Astrology readings that go deep.  Are you ready to dive?

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What's happening in the skies now??

12/3/23 Catch me at Ruckus Cafe from 10am-4 pm doing live readings with other talented readers and energy workers!

12/1/23 Mercury moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is the most serious minded of all the signs. We can all expect to have our mind on out Money and Money on our Minds! 

12/4/23 Venus moves into Scorpio. Those with this placement are devoted, but don't trust easily. It is a good time to assess our personal power in our intimate relationships.


12/6/23 Neptune moves out of Retrograde in Pisces. After assessing our spirituality and how we use our intuition it is time to see progress.

12/12/23 There is a New Moon in Sagittarius and new adventures will be super easy to begin! 


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My name is Rachel 

I am the creator of rachellovesastrology.  I am based in the Pittsburgh area, but offer my services to anyone anywhere!  A natural born healer, I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and in Nursing.  I have studied Astrology for 25 years.  With my Psychology experience, I have always been interested in figuring people out and helping others.  With my Nursing background, I have always wished to heal others.  I look forward to guiding you to finding out the secrets held within your birth chart.   

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What am I all about?

A Compassionate Astrology Reader

I began studying astrology at the age of 14.  Lost and feeling alone,

I turned to this ancient art for guidance. I have over time perfected my Astrological skills and grown my intuitive abilities in ways that have expanded into my practice.  Over the years I have invested in my understanding of Astrology, and now wish to help others find meaning in the chaos by offering my services.

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Astrology is so much more than your Sun sign:

There is so much more to you  than your Sun sign.  You could have been told you are a Cancer all your life, being born in June or July, yet may not have ever identified with the homebody qualities of that sign. You may be a shy Leo, or a messy Virgo and always wondered how this was so.  The planets were all involved in telling the story of who you are. They were all aligned in different zodiac signs and houses at your time of birth.  A deeper look into your chart may give you the answers you seek about your own unique personality and personal situation.

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